Standing Firm


Can you stand firm

For what you believe

Or when the pressure is on

Your beliefs do you leave?

Can you stand toe to toe

With those whom ridicule

Or will you abandon your faith

So that you look real cool?

Do you speak up

For others harrassed

or do you look away

while you simply walk past?

Can you speak soflty

with those who dissent?

Or do you return the hatred

and vile that often is sent?

For one who is firm

in the beliefs of their heart

is never threatened

by those who aren’t



Opening white door with light outside

Why is that some doors open

While other doors close

The timing of when

Nobody ever knows

So we chase our dreams

Through and open door

Never quite knowing

Truly whats in store

Sometimes we find

Darkness within

When the door closes

That we just stepped in

With faith we move forward

To find our way

Searching for the light

To lighten our day

Then another door opens

And the light shines so bright

As we step into brightness

And from the darkness of night

Strength from Others Choices


Many choices in life that others do make

That change our own path and the direction we take

For the choices of others impact us each day

some good, some bad, but all we must play

For when others choose something beyond our control

Our lives turned upside down, creating a hole

Yet those whom endure others’ choices that come

will rise to the top from incredible strength that they’ve won

for life’s many struggles that we endure every day

A Hearts Fortress


There are few who know of that deep hidden place

Always hiding behind the mask of my face

A place where sorrows are banished to stay

Where heartache buried and locked away

The pain and sorrow that’s haunted my life

locked away, it still cuts like a knife

Locked up deep and hidden within

A place of stone where no one gets in

Few times there be that the fortress walls crack

When emotions fly out and go on attack

The pain it cuts so deep inside

Nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide

I pick myself up, and rebuild the wall

From these emotions inside I run from their call

No one knows of the pain deep inside

Far behind this smile, these sorrows do hide

The Excuses of Life


I can’t today

There is so much to do

I have piles of work

That I must get through

Next week we’ll do it

That will be best

I’m so tired right now

I just need a rest

Life is so busy

There just isn’t time

Maybe next summer

A chance we will find

What do you mean, he’s gone?

That just isn’t fair!

There was so many things

That I wanted to share

My heart is breaking

For the time that was lost

The excuses of life


Hope Restored


It all seems lost, In this world of despair

We often wonder, if there is any repair

The divisions and fighting, seem to increase

The bickering and arguing, they never do cease

A world torn asunder, through violence and greed

A return to our principles, a call we don’t heed

So where does this path, take us today

Where do we turn, is there any way?

The obstacles and burdens, we all must now face

The bitterness of the cup, we must all soon taste

For the world it spirals, deeper in sin

A game being played, that no one can win

So trust in your God, return once more

For in Christ and his love, can our hope be restored.

image:  Wikia

Relics of Yesterday


Relics of yesterday
Distrust and public scandal
Engulf us everyday
Apathy of our people
Politicians corrupt with greed
Destruction of a nation
And warnings failed to heed
A world so torn asunder
Through politics and sin
A division in a nation
Despair that we live in
Now two roads left before us
Or hope or endless woe
Embrace our founding doctrines
Or history’s footnote we will sow

Image: Skye Ryan-Evans