Why are you Free?




Freedom…  For the 11% of us on this earth that live in a full democracy with freedoms,  why are you free?

Many of us would give the most standard of answers, which I fully support and believe, that we are free as a result of those before us whom have sacrificed, many giving the ultimate sacrifice to secure and protect our blessings of freedom. The sacrifice of many throughout history to pass along to their children and nations the ability to exercise individual rights free from tyranny and oppression.

When asked the question of “Why are you free?”, most of us immediately head down the above mentioned path. 

37% of the worlds population live under an authoritarian regime, 51% in flawed democracies or a hybrid of an authoritarian regime.

Why are you free?   Why are you one of the 11% in this world who enjoy true freedom?  What is…

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Clarity from Reflection



Reflections upon ones own past can provide clarity and direction that can be attained in no other way.  When we look upon where we have been, we can gain a greater perspective of where we are going. 

Do we allow our mistakes to interfere with our future? 

Do we allow our success to catapult us into greater success or does our success stifle us with contentment? 

Do our heartaches of the past prevent us from fully loving again? 

Do we take the love we have been given for granted or do we realize the blessing we have received in someones love for us?

And most importantly, do we recognize God’s blessings in our lives?

As we consider our New Years resolutions and the goals we will set for ourselves, may we also reflect upon our past to create a better future.

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The path to power is not knowledge, but of action



It has been taught by many that Knowledge is power.  I disagree.  The power does not come from our knowledge but by our application of the knowledge we have attained. Knowledge alone is useless.  As we increase our knowledge, we increase our abilities to effectively put to use that which we have learned.  Failure to apply action to any knowledge renders it ineffective.

I have known many people throughout my life who are book smart, those whom have amassed tremendous amounts of knowledge in their lives.  They are full of facts and knowledge and understanding yet have done nothing with that which they have spent a lifetime learning.  They are powerless and ineffective in most areas of their life.  While seeking knowledge, they never learned to apply that knowledge.

Conversely, I have known some extremely influential and powerful individuals who when compared to the above group are less knowledgeable than…

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Thank You Trey Burke


Thank you Trey Burke for taking time after Wednesday nights shootaround for my son before the Utah Jazz game against the Lakers.  He was so excited and you made his whole week!  He said when he makes it to the NBA he will be just like you with the fans.  THANK YOU for making a 12 year olds night!!!




Believing in yourself is far more important than anyone else’s belief in you.

As a child, my parents instilled into us to believe in ourselves and  in our own abilities.   These lessons have strengthened me and enabled me to accomplish many things that at times others thought impossible.

My love and passion for photography began when I was a very young man of 13.  As I continued with this hobby, I ended up taking some amazing pictures and became desirous to copyright and sell them.  At the  age of seventeen I set out to publish my first photograph. Many  people  told me along the way,  how great my pictures were but that I would never be able to sell them.  How would a seventeen year old with no connections be able to pull it all together?  I had been raised to believe that I could accomplish anything I wanted, the naysayers only fueled my desire to accomplish this goal that  I…

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My son has begged me for a dog for many years.  The irony of this is that up until this summer Bridger has been very afraid of them so his requests for a dog have always confused me.  Cautiously we waited on this request in an attempt to discern his reasons in wanting one combined with his fear of them.  Whenever we would ask him why, he always told us that if we got him a dog it would help him overcome his fears.  I must admit that I questioned this logic, however my wife and I decided we would give it some thought, a lot of thought.

There were many reasons why getting a dog for my son did not make sense for our family.  With the extremely limited time we get to spend with our children, we knew that the chores associated with a family dog would fall…

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The War on Religion



The deliberate and systematic attack in this country on traditional values and religion are exploding.  We are no longer sliding down this hill, we have jumped off the cliff.  We are in a free fall.  Those in this country who hold dear to them religion and traditional values are being usurped by those who have no moral compass and no belief in God.

The fight is between those who want to keep values in our society, and those who adamantly fight against any moral compass that imposes upon others rights to do as they please.  The irony that I find through this debate, which is in my opinion no longer a debate but a war, is that those who desire no moral compass for this nation and its people do not allow those with religious beliefs and values the freedom and peace to worship as they desire. Those who maintain…

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Finding Light in the Darkness of our Wounds



We are all wounded. Each of us at one point or another has been hurt and have struggled in overcoming some wrong we feel was done to us. Whether real or imagined, the reality is that we all hurt from these moments. We carry within us the hurt that we have internalized, the self doubts and fears that are locked away deep within us, usually as the result of the actions of others.

These wounds can stay hidden and locked away for years, even decades before we are ready to face them, and enable the healing process to take place. For some, that healing may never occur, as the pain is so deep and terrifying for the person to ever face those demons.

Nearly 25 years ago I experienced some interactions with very close friends whose words and actions cut me deep. The heartache was immediate, the pain deep and…

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