The Game; By Bridger, my 12 year old son



Many of you know that I encourage my children to write. I try to get them to write often. Many times it can be a struggle as they search for something to say. I suggested to Bridger, my twelve year old son to write about his basketball game yesterday. So he did, and he wanted to share this with the world!

The Game, by Bridger Isbell

Yesterday as Tim Allen, BYU’s basketball recruiter watched rising star, Bridger Isbell play he was in awe with several parts of his game.  Tim shared with us earlier what some of those parts were.

When we asked Tim about Bridger’s game, he responded.

“His effort, he plays every play like his last and gives his all the entire time he’s on the floor, both on offense and defense.”

We then asked him what stood out most about his offensive game, he responded. “His ability to create a shot.    He is the definition of in the gym range.  He was hitting shots from everywhere, 3 pointers, jumpers, floaters, you name it, he made it.”

When we asked about his defense he responded.

“He has an eye on when to jump the lane and pick the pocket of the point guard.”

When asked what he would rate yesterdays game, Tim simply said “a 10”  When pressed why a ten, he said “Look at the stats!   Bridger had quite the game; 15 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 blocks.  9 of his 15 points came from beyond the 3 point line.”

He showed an excellent outing, and with another game like that he will have a very bright future.


By Bridger Isbell


The Creature, Chapter Four; By Bridger (My 12 year old son)


As they quickly made their way towards the exit they were suddenly stopped.

Freedom was only moments away and their way was blocked.

It wasn’t a door or rubble blocking their escape, it was giant creature, the Queen.

“hello Richard” she hissed,

“nice to see you again”

“I wish I could say the same” Richard replied

“Ha Ha, you always did have a sense of humor” the Queen responed.

“After all that’s what helped you get away last time,   I’m afraid it won’t be that easy this time”

With a flick of her wrist, she released 4 more creatures, blood thirsty hounds.

Richard wrapped his arms around his children as they cowered in the corner, unsure of their next move.

The three of them watched eyes wide, as the hounds slowly inched closer and closer…..


The Change in the Miserable Old Man – by Bridger, my 12 year old son


There was once a greedy old man who lived a miserable life. He owned a store with ridiculous prices yet everyone in town shopped there as he was too intimidating not to buy from. 
One day a creative young man came up with a plan to end this miserable mans attitude in life.  He carefully planned his idea then zipped over to the man’s store  
It was quite amusing to watch as the young man updated the store’s look to a happy vibrant color. The young man was also patient, kind and understanding with the old man.
When the young man finished with his plan, the old man’s real side was shown and the miserable old man wasn’t so miserable in the end.  The young man had effectively changed the old man’s world through his kind acts of love and service. 

The Creature, Chapter Three; by Brider (My 12 year old son)


I sat crying on my knees, wondering what I may have just done.  Sadness was all around me.

Suddenly through my tears I heard an amazing sound,


I jumped to my feet and raced towards the voice calling to me.

Running as fast as I could, I was suddenly hit and knocked over, the horns on the big blue creature hitting me as I ran, its nostrils flared as It came for me.

Quickly, I grabbed for my rifle and shot.  I was shocked as I watched the skin grow back over the bullet hole.  The shot had made the beast angrier, he was throwing fish from the water at me with his horns.  He looked like he was going to charge at me.

Off to my right I could see Sarah and Ben, my heart jumped at seeing them yet I was focused on the immediate danger.  Suddenly Sarah tossed something to me yelling “hit him with this!”

I reached for the object, a spear made out of a sharp rock and a stick.

Quickly I picked it up, cocked my arm and threw it as hard as I could.

A direct hit the creature dropped as i raced to hug my kids.

BEN!  SARAH! I cried

DAD! they cried back.

We hugged a moment.

“Let’s get out of here!” I yelled

R O O O A A A R R R R !!!!!!!!

“Where do you think you are going?”  The creature roared as it climbed back to it’s feet.

“HOME!” I yelled as I looked for a way to escape.

I reached again for the rifle and began shooting at the creature, nothing.  The bullets had no effect, they weren’t working.

“DAD!  We need to run!  We need to get out of here!” Ben cried out.

We stood there, blocked with no way out and this creature moving towards us.

The Creature, Chapter Two; by Bridger (my 12 year old son)


Flight 296 now boarding to Egypt.  Nervously I boarded the plane for the long journey to find my kids.  I know they are there, somewhere in Egypt.  I will find them in this place.

Hours past and I finally arrived in Egypt.  I started to look around, trying to think of all the places I should look and where I should begin. 

I saw some towers off in the distance and felt the urge to run to them, I sprinted as fast as I could run to the entrance.  Quickly I entered the tunnel into the base of the towers where I was immediately swarmed by tiny blue creatures.  Their skin was slimy and they had horns on the top of their heads.

I grabbed my gun and begin shooting back at them as they continued to swarm, it seemed as though there were thousands of them.  I pushed through the mass of creatures as I searched the hallway for my children, calling out to them as I fought against these creatures. 



I kept shouting, scared and wondering if they were still alive and in this hole of death where no human could survive.

A dark realization and a wave of panic suddenly washed over me…


I screamed!

These creatures used to be human!  What if I killed my children when I was shooting my way through them?

What have I done?   I cried falling to my knees.

The Creature, Chapter One; By Bridger (My 12 year old son)


You scared me when I was a kid!   You are not going to scare mine!

run inside guys


Come out here wherever you guys are.  I found you!   BOO!

…..For 3 years I’ve been looking for my kids.  Ben was 10 and little Sarah only 5 when they disappeared. 

I have been searching for them day and night, for three long years never  finding them.  My own parents really never cared for me much and I swore my children would never be able to say that about me.  I have searched the entire world, except for one last place..


That is where I will find them.

The hearts and strength are strong, I know they are there and I will find them.

My kids are everything to me…

I must find them…..

Tim’s Birthday – by my son Bridger


Tim was so excited when he woke in the morning it was his birthday.

When he got downstairs his mom said nothing and noone said anything all day.

He was sad during school and walked home alone.

His friend Rich had ditched him, he was so sad he could have cried.

When he got home and was heading for his room when everyone jumped out and yelled


He was finally so happy that everyone remembered and was there.

The end
By Bridger Isbell

Winning Over the Bullies – By my 11 year old son Bridger Isbell


Tim was cornered by 3 bullies as he cowered in the corner. 

These were the same bullies that had stolen his lunch money. 

Tim was not about to let that happen again as they appeared around the corner.

He said to them “Do those who pick on me do so because they are sad themselves. Don’t you have any other way to let it out than picking on someone smaller than them, just as someone else is doing to you?”

The bullies then sat next to him at lunch and thanked him for showing them a better way and for standing up for themselves.

The End…

By Bridger Isbell

Tim and His Monster – By my 11 year old son Bridger



Writing and artwork by My own amazing 11 year old son Bridger:  (his first blog, no edit)

The kids they all gathered in the corner afraid of what it might be as it drew nearer, a big shadow was cast over 15 of the lockers

Tim hugged Gracie and said if we don’t live I want you to know I love you.

Gracie laughed and said, me too, as she hugged him back.

The monster drew nearer until he came around the corner.

It hopped next to Tim.

It was just a rabbit.

They all laughed at Tim, and even Gracie.

With a shake, Tim’s mom was standing over him and saying, “get up, it’s time to get ready for school.”

Tim got up, got ready and went to the car to go to school.

As he was getting in the car he said, “boy am I glad that was just a…

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