Inspiration calls Ambition


Inspiration comes, and inspiration goes

Ambition comes along , and the inspiration grows

many are inspired, yet few in life attain

killing the ambition , and forever stay the same

yet some seek for inspiration, with ambition by their side

seeking lofty mountains and climbing with the ride

Seizing opportunities as inspiration lights the way

seeing opportunity in each and every day

yet those that kill ambition, and never reach their dreams

Blow out inspiration and all that it can bring

sitting on the sideline, they murmur with each breath

seeing only unfairness that lasts until their death

Inspiration comes to all who seek, and beckon to its call

combining with ambition, some work to get it all

Inspiration is a gift that grows with each time that we heed

The call of inspiration sounds, to give us what we need

So follow inspiration, nurture it with care

add to it ambition, and chase it if you dare.