ABORTION – The American Holocaust



The deliberate murder of innocent children otherwise known as ABORTION is the #1 leading cause of death in America.  There are 2.5 million other deaths per year and 1.21 million murders.  These murders are legal.  They are under the false pretense that it is a woman’s right to choose for her body.  There is no thought given to the child and and they, like in the times of slavery, are not considered human.   This is the AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.  A holocaust is defined as the great destruction or source of destruction of life.  This is what abortion is, the willful destruction of human life.

Science is crystal clear that at the moment of fertilization life begins.  There is an ideological argument that there must be some threshold crossed for life to begin, however the science proves otherwise.  This debate is simply a debate about responsibility.  Some will argue that the…

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A New Bike and the Apple Tree



As young boys, my brothers and I desired greatly to have a bike and learn to ride them.  We dreamed of feeling the wind in our faces and racing each other around the block.  Our friends all had bikes and we watned one too.  We were young and didn’t comprehend that they cost money to buy.  We didn’t have much money, we were not given new bikes, my dad built us our bikes out of old broken and salvaged bicycles he would find. 

I remember watching him nightly as he would take the bikes completely apart, replacing broken parts on one bike with good parts from another.  As always, with any project he started, the time and detail he spent making sure everything was perfect was unmatched and his workmanship was better than anything we could have been given new. 

When my dad finished with each of our bikes, they…

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Happiness vs Pleasure



What is the difference between happiness and pleasure?   Is there a difference?  I believe that there is one at least within the confines of today’s usage of the words.   I also believe that many individuals confuse the two and seek pleasure while searching for happiness.

It is estimated that only one in three Americans are happy.  What key differences exist between those that find happiness and those that do not?  I am of the opinion that one of the key drivers leading to this sad statistic is that many individuals seem to believe that pleasure brings about happiness.  I disagree, I believe that if ones searches for pleasure, then happiness will be ever more elusive, for it seems that happiness brings about pleasure, however rarely does pleasure bring about happiness.

We live in an ever increasing world of instant gratification.  This is a pleasure principle. Most people no longer seek…

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Misguided Search for Love


Each challenge and struggle we face in life

test us and try us and try us and cut like a knife

the obstacles and trials that we most often face

come at the hands of those we should feel most safe

For their actions and words cause the greatest pain

For it their love and acceptance we often try to obtain

when our hearts are involved in the choices we make

it’s often the hardest to see all that’s at stake

our souls hunger to feel the love that is lost

we sacrifice all at often a great cost

the love that we search for we are often blind

for this love we are born with is one of a kind

it comes from our Father in Heaven above

the purity and sanctity of his guiding love

Moments in Time, Moments Lost – A Fathers Heartache part 17



It is often said that one day my children will know and understand how much I love them.  I wonder if the bond that I seek with them will ever fully be realized.  The many missed moments in life of tucking them into bed, having our nightly prayers together, the morning breakfasts and all the other many day to day moments that I hunger for and miss out on.  What impact in a relationship does this have with young children?  I have to imagine an immense one, an uncontrollable chasm created in a relationship with such missed opportunities that so many take for granted.

I feel an incredibly deep love for my children, yet the bond seems weak in comparison with that of their mothers, as they rightfully love her and share those moments that I sadly miss out on.  The greatest pain comes from knowing this was a decision…

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Tiny Little Footprints



Tiny little footprints
Pitter patter on the floor
Each step full of love and joy
Precious little treasures always at my door

Tiny little footprints
Standing at my bed
A tiny little hand outstretched
Bedtime stories to be read

Tiny little footprints
Leaving marks behind
Passing through this life of mine
Such treasures rare to find

With tiny little footprints
Each days a brighter day
With tiny little footprints
To walk beside me everyday

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Bella Boo


Bella Boo

Your little heart

in rhythm with mine

healing my soul

with the passing of time

your laughs and your giggles

your smiles and your games

have burned in my heart

like a fiery flame

your love now consumes

each part of my soul

a heart once broken

has now been made whole

your smile is an anchor

held deep in my heart

your eyes and their sparkle

make each new day start

Daddy’s little princess

you will always be

for a heart once broken

has now been set free





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