My Dear Father! My Talk From His Funeral

It’s been five years this month. It’s still hard to believe he’s gone



My dad passed away nearly 3 years ago.  I have been asked many times to share the talk that I gave at his funeral as I said goodbye to a giant of a man!  Here is for you Dad, you will never be forgotten and we will always be blessed from your life and the example that it was for us.

Here is the talk:

The apostle Paul said in his second epistle to Timothy…  I have fought a good fight…

There is no greater truth that could be said than this of my father…   He fought a good fight.  His life is a road map on enduring to the end and overcoming obstacles and trials.

I have spent much time reflecting on my father’s life this past week…   I am reminded of my favorite Christmas show, one that as a child I fondly remember watching each Christmas eve…

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Heartache and Sorrow – A Perfect Pair


Broken heart

Heartache and sorrow

a perfect pair

ones always close by

when the other ones there

strength they gain

when together they come

much of a life

can come undone

combating these two

a challenge for all

for their goal in life

is to make you fall

so surround yourself

with those who love

turn to him

who resides above

for love and joy

will conquer the pair

it lifts your heart

from the depths of despair

don’t be afraid to love

its the only cure

To own your heart

and happiness procure


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The Demon of Self Doubt



Much of the discouragement in this life comes from one of our strongest, most debilitating self demons known, that is self doubt.  This demon is responsible for much unhappiness and unrealized dreams for many and is responsible for repressing our motivation and natural drive to succeed in our endeavors.   I hear often of people whom suffer from extreme self doubt that they have given into the despair that undoubtedly will soon follow those whom fall prey to this demon.

Self doubt can paralyze individuals and destroy the self worth of an individual.  These doubts become a self belief system that at times can be extremely difficult and painful to overcome.  As individuals seek to conquer these demons they must first accept the realization that they and they alone are responsible for their happiness and joy as well as the where they currently are in life.  Far too often we blame circumstances…

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Goodbyes – A Fathers Heartache, part 21


Goodbyes never get any easier.    I say them often to my beloved children as they leave to go back their mothers.  After years of this heartache, at times I seem numb to it, yet the pain deep inside can never be removed.

I often wonder what it is like for my children.   The heartache that they must feel moving between homes must at time be unbearable for them as well.  As each goodbye comes every week, the hugs and expressions of love are shared, yet as i watch them leave I can’t help but wonder if they truly know how much I love and adore them.

Our time with our children is our top priority when we are all together.   We support their activities and sports while balancing the precious limited moments in time we have to be together.  We spend our time together trying to show them of our deep love for them in every moment, from the small talk to family dinners, to the activities to the tucking in at bed and nightly prayer.

Then the goodbyes painfully come again.  As I reflect upon last nights goodbye, the realization of the extremely limited communication for the next week deepens the heartache felt watching the kids as they leave.  I think to myself as I watch them go that such little time is so unfair.  With a deep breath, followed by a long sigh, the emotions are back under control as I drive home alone once again, the same lonely drive made six times a month.

Goodbyes never get easier, the pain always present, as the fortress around my heart strengthens.

Childhood Memories – A bucket of sand



One of the most memorable stories of my youth involved a beach.. a cousin… an uncle… and a bucket of sand. My dad convinced my cousin Marilyn during a family vacation to California to sneak up behind my uncle Gail with a bucket of sand…  My uncle Gail always wore cowboy boots and jeans… and here we were at the beach and he was sitting down watching the kids play in the water… he didn’t suspect a thing although he should have known better. Marilyn who did anything Uncle Dave asked dutifully obliged my father and dumped this bucket over Uncle Gail’s head… while my dad videotaped it of course…   Imagine the laughter as we watched a teenage girl in sandals outrun a cowboy in his boots on the sandy beach as he chased her until he couldn’t run any more….  He never did catch her…

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The Excuses of Life


I can’t today

There is so much to do

I have piles of work

That I must get through

Next week we’ll do it

That will be best

I’m so tired right now

I just need a rest

Life is so busy

There just isn’t time

Maybe next summer

A chance we will find

What do you mean, he’s gone?

That just isn’t fair!

There was so many things

That I wanted to share

My heart is breaking

For the time that was lost

The excuses of life




With all the negativity surrounding us, from issues at home, within our countries to the chaos around the world, there is a greater need for hope now than ever before, yet so many have abandoned hope.

Hope is critical in our lives.  If we don’t hope for things how can we ever have faith?, for faith is the substance of things hoped for.  Hope is a prerequisite of faith.

There are many who have lost hope in this life.  Hope for a brighter future.  Hope for our relationships and families.  Hope for our countries.  Hope for anything.

Hope helps us move beyond our fears and prevents us from despair.  Those whom have lost hope often find themselves in a state of despair and continual misery.

Hopeful people are happy, even when dissatisfied with things.  Hope drives us to change and have faith and believe in a better tomorrow.

When hope seems lost, pray. Pray for hope.  Seek out hope.

We control our own lives.  We can always find hope when we seek it, prayer and scripture study can bring hope into our lives.  When we have hope, all things are possible.   When we do not, we are left with despair.

It is easy to lose hope.  We must always be prayerful and watchful that we have hope in our lives, for without it, we are lost.  Having or losing hope is a personal choice for we are in control of our minds and thoughts, no one else.