Don’t Talk to Strangers


As children we’re told “don’t talk to strangers”

Stay away from them for there is much danger

Then as we grow, we live by this rule

Not realizing as adults, it can be so cruel

Instilling fear in children, we never outgrow

Thus limiting the people we will ever get to know

then we fight this fear with each person we meet

talking to someone new can be a daunting feat

Choice Has Set You Free


The smiles and the laughter, the giggles and the cheer

Have been a hallmark of your life for each and every year

The joy and love you you’ve given and shared along the way

Have left the others wondering how you do it everyday

A life so full of gratitude and love beyond compare

Have changed the lives of many with each person that you share

Yet there are few who truly understand or comprehend the choice

To hide your pain and anguish behind your tender voice

For each new day you choose to live, regardless of your lot

The heavy load that you endure, and the battles you have fought

Your smile was forced now natural, a gift for all to see

Your daily choice in life has determined what you’ll be

Someone who spreads the laughter, the cheer and joy around

Who overcomes each challenge with the love of life you’ve found

So others see the person in whom you’ve chosen now to be

And from your heavy burdens, this choice has set you free

Best Friend


You are a bright spot in this world of mine
I feel I’ve been robbed for there is never enough time.
So little time shared between your mother and I.
When you’re not here I just want to cry.
My life exists to be your dad.
And when I can’t hold you it makes me so sad.
The joy in our lives was ripped from our hearts.
The lies she brought in was just the start.
So know that I love you, and will always care.
I know that this world  is so hard to bear.
So be my little buddy, and my best friend.
My love for you will never end.



Vile words

Roll off the tongue

Placing blame

For things that are done

The hateful words

You frequently say

Hurt our children

Every day

The hatred spewed

And directed at me

Haunt our children

And what they can be

For within their hearts

So pure and true

is part of me

And part of you

Each word spoken

and slip of the tongue

Damages our children

And cannot be undone

So hate me if you must

But speak only kind

For our children’s tender hearts

Are tied up in a bind

Each word destroys

A part of their soul

And hurts them more

Thank you can ever know

Each word spoken

in jest about me

Tells our children

What they can be

Heartache and Sorrow – A Perfect Pair

Broken heart

Heartache and sorrow

a perfect pair

ones always close by

when the other ones there

strength they gain

when together they come

much of a life

can come undone

combating these two

a challenge for all

for their goal in life

is to make you fall

so surround yourself

with those who love

turn to him

who resides above

for love and joy

will conquer the pair

it lifts your heart

from the depths of despair

don’t be afraid to love

its the only cure

To own your heart

and happiness procure




Neglect and love

can never be friends

for where one does start

the other must end

In love you must choose

between these two

for only to one

can you ever be true

so choose wisely this day

which one to befriend

for one brings happiness

the other one ends

Tiny Little Footprints


Tiny little footprints
Pitter patter on the floor
Each step full of love and joy
Precious little treasures always at my door

Tiny little footprints
Standing at my bed
A tiny little hand outstretched
Bedtime stories to be read

Tiny little footprints
Leaving marks behind
Passing through this life of mine
Such treasures rare to find

With tiny little footprints
Each days a brighter day
With tiny little footprints
To walk beside me everyday

Bella Boo

Bella Boo

Your little heart

in rhythm with mine

healing my soul

with the passing of time

your laughs and your giggles

your smiles and your games

have burned in my heart

like a fiery flame

your love now consumes

each part of my soul

a heart once broken

has now been made whole

your smile is an anchor

held deep in my heart

your eyes and their sparkle

make each new day start

Daddy’s little princess

you will always be

for a heart once broken

has now been set free





Memories of the Past



We laugh and talk of good times

of memories from our past

always looking backwards

wishing they would last

Do we ever spend the time

living in today?

laughing with the ones we love

and listening to what they say?

the precious tender moments

remembered in the past

are happening here before your eyes

creating memories that will last


Wanting to Belong


Standing on the outside

Always looking in

Blind to some around me

much to my chagrin

A life so full of service

Attempting to belong

With those who do not see me

Invisible all along

A world so full of laughter

and love for all to share

standing alone inside the room

where no one seems to care

Continuing on in faith and love

I stand here all alone

Giving to those all around

Yet never being home

I stand here in the midst of you

longing to be seen

yet gossip swirls all around

as others belittle and demean

so maybe life is best alone

with my family at my side

protected from the world we live

with all its’ gossip and its’ lies