The Giant and the Unicorn, Lessons taught by a ten year old..


Yesterday in church my dear sweet daughter handed me her journal to read a story that she had just written,   I was touched by her storytelling and amazed at the wisdom found within.

Londyn’s Story:

“Once upon a time in a magical forest there lived a magical unicorn, who lived in the Magical Kingdom.

One day the magical unicorn was taken captive by a terrible giant who wanted her magic for himself.

When they got to the giants enormous house the giant locked away the magical unicorn.

The Magic Kingdom was miserable without the magic unicorn.

One day the magical unicorn realized that  she can break out of the dungeon with magic and then went home to the Magic Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom was happy again.”

– I was amazed at the incredible lesson she taught with this little story, simple yet profound.  We all have “terrible giants” in our own lives that we allow to control us and our own happiness.   We each have the “magic” within ourselves to conquer these giants and be happy.

We simply must understand that we have that magic to overcome and take control of the situation.

The greatest trials are overcome first within ourselves.


The Little Penguin Who Could Fly by my 9 year old Daughter Londyn


Once upon a time there was a penguin who really wanted to fly.

Everyone knows that penguins can’t fly.

The little penguin built an airplane so he could fly.

Then he realized that it needed and engine and didn’t have one.

So the little penguin made bird wings, but they didn’t work either.

At last he built a balloon that could fly.

Finally the little penguin got to fly.

The End….

By Londyn Isbell