Standing Firm


Can you stand firm

For what you believe

Or when the pressure is on

Your beliefs do you leave?

Can you stand toe to toe

With those whom ridicule

Or will you abandon your faith

So that you look real cool?

Do you speak up

For others harrassed

or do you look away

while you simply walk past?

Can you speak soflty

with those who dissent?

Or do you return the hatred

and vile that often is sent?

For one who is firm

in the beliefs of their heart

is never threatened

by those who aren’t

11 thoughts on “Standing Firm

  1. The picture is appropriate and so beautiful and majestic! Stand firm? Sometimes I admit I can be a softy when it comes to someone I love… I don’t hate people who lead mischeivious lifestyles because I remember stirring up some mischief of my own. I may hate some of the things that they do, but I don’t hate them. I will always make an attempt to help them. If they reject that, then I look for someone more ready at this point in their lives.


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