The Light in the Open Door


Last night I watched as my beautiful wife assisted a young woman whose life was seemingly out of control.  The chaos surrounding her was clear as she desperately reached out to family and friends for help.  Sadly, no one came to her aid as my wife sat on the curbside with this woman, despondent and alone. 

My wife listened to her as I patiently sat in the car off in the distance so my wife could do what she does so well, help others.  The domestic violence shelter my wife runs was full, no space available for this woman.  I watched with humble adoration as my wife sat and looked for alternate resources available in the community to help this woman, a stranger whom she had never met.

She sat with her for nearly an hour making numerous phone calls, and providing options for this young woman.  She assisted her in reaching her father and in finding safe harbor.

Finally, the time came for us to leave.  The sun had set and it was growing ever darker, we had to attend to our children at home.

My dear wife had provided resources, referrals, information, counseling and had made connections with her family.  This young lady was now informed of what she can do to obtain the help and resources available.  She knew where to go, how to get there and who to call.  My wife made certain that she had the means necessary to accomplish what she needed most in her life.

The choice was now hers, and hers alone.

I spent much of the evening contemplating the events that had passed that evening,  Our evening delivery had taken much longer than planned, yet my wife was placed in a position where she could serve someone in need.

I wondered much about this young woman, how she was doing and if she had taken advantage of the doors my wife had opened for her this night.

I also wondered if I myself, in times of need take advantage of doors that others have opened for me or if in my self misery, sadness and despair I have failed to step through the open door, instead remaining in my sorrow.

I wondered how often we remain in the darkness of our sorrow  when we no longer need to based upon our own unwillingness to step towards the light in the open door..

16 thoughts on “The Light in the Open Door

  1. When I am sad I always seek comfort, I think that is best for me 🙂 And I like when other people come to me to seek comfor when they need it, that makes me feel nice. I wish everyone was like that 🙂 and I wish your wife and I were friends 🙂


  2. That is a thought to ponder. I remember a door I failed to take when I was younger. Had I taken it my life would have turned out different. But the fact of the matter I am now where I’m suppose to be. I have no doubt that had I chosen the other door I would have touched lives. I’ve been told I currently touch lives. So as I said I believe I still ended up where I was suppose to be.


  3. Brilliant in your Lady’s giving heart and soul and your message is clear, as I can feel the love you have for your Lady and life for supporting her that evening. Says a lot about you. Salute!! and howls (((Awhoooo)))


  4. I’m so thankful for women like your wife, who reach out to help others in great need. I like your point here too. I’m really bad about sitting in my misery, rather than taking a hand up.


    • Thank you! I too am very grateful for my wife and the time she gives to others in need. She is a great example to me and many others in her life. I hope that this post makes one think about our own actions and how we can help not only others but ourselves. Thank you for reading and commenting


  5. Love how your wife serves–so sweet. I enjoy it when I can help or comfort others–but I have learned from experience that you are so right in saying…the choice is now the woman’s. We have to remember all we can do is our best to help others and to accept it when comfort and help is given to us.


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