The Creature, Chapter Two; by Bridger (my 12 year old son)


Flight 296 now boarding to Egypt.  Nervously I boarded the plane for the long journey to find my kids.  I know they are there, somewhere in Egypt.  I will find them in this place.

Hours past and I finally arrived in Egypt.  I started to look around, trying to think of all the places I should look and where I should begin. 

I saw some towers off in the distance and felt the urge to run to them, I sprinted as fast as I could run to the entrance.  Quickly I entered the tunnel into the base of the towers where I was immediately swarmed by tiny blue creatures.  Their skin was slimy and they had horns on the top of their heads.

I grabbed my gun and begin shooting back at them as they continued to swarm, it seemed as though there were thousands of them.  I pushed through the mass of creatures as I searched the hallway for my children, calling out to them as I fought against these creatures. 



I kept shouting, scared and wondering if they were still alive and in this hole of death where no human could survive.

A dark realization and a wave of panic suddenly washed over me…


I screamed!

These creatures used to be human!  What if I killed my children when I was shooting my way through them?

What have I done?   I cried falling to my knees.

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