My Life’s Adventure with My Beloved Karla


Life is an amazing adventure when you are able to journey through this existence with someone you love.  The little things don’t ever matter and the big things all become little things. My wife and I do not always see eye to eye on things, in fact we are on opposite sides of the spectrum at times.  We have discovered that most of the areas where we disagree really don’t matter anyway as most often they are political or social in nature and truly have no impact on our lives.  I believe this is the way we have been able to build such a magnificent, loving and beautiful relationship over the years.

We have both experienced painful pasts where trust was violated and the journey back to being able to love and trust has been a difficult one for both of us.  The honesty with which we communicate with each other, while not always easy has given each of us the ability to trust one another and in turn has allowed our love to grow.

The journey through life can be a challenge and sometimes painful experience.  Understanding that we have each carried with us those heavy burdens also allows us to lift them from each other as we walk through this life hand in hand.  While most of our goals and desires in life are the same, we share with one another the enjoyment of discovering the differences each of us bring.  It is through our differences that we actually grow the closest, as we discover new things in life from each other, it also drives us to discover new things we can share.

Our life is perfect.  We are different but equal.  We share everything while enjoying things the other doesn’t.  We explore this world together, parent together and dream together.  There isn’t a single morning that passes when I don’t get to listen to my wife’s sometimes crazy dreams.  We laugh together and we cry together.

The journey to find one another has been hard, filled with heartache and sorrow along the way.  The darkest of nights have led us each to the brightest of days in our lives.  The journey has been worth every step, and for this I am deeply grateful that we have been brought together.

My world is enriched, blessed and filled with love and wonder with you at my side, thank you my beloved wife for being the amazing woman you are and making a me a better man. 

The Office Can Wait, My Daughter Can’t – the simple things



This morning I arose early with the expectation that I would head into the office earlier than normal.  I had planned on clearing all the little projects from my desk that seem to always be brushed aside.   As I was getting ready to get in the shower, I heard a tiny giggle from the crib where our 9 month old daughter was.  My wife picked up our daughter and hugged and kissed her.  She turned her towards me and  I was met with the most amazing and beautiful little smile.  My heart melted.  Plans changed.

Gently I took her and held her and kissed her.  She beamed!  Her beautiful brown eyes danced like a ballet as she kissed me back!  My heart was pounding with the intensely deep love that I have for my children and our little daughter this particular morning.  We sat on the bed and she crawled over me multiple times giggling.  She would scoot next to me and lay her head on my chest.  The world outside stopped.  I spent the next hour playing on the bed, everything from hide and seek under the blankets to peek a boo to singing nursery rhymes.  My heart swelled with love and joy as we played.   She soon became sleepy again, she had woken earlier than usual, and she was soon fast asleep on my lap.  I gently placed her back in bed and continued getting ready for work, to arrive at the usual time.

I found myself reflecting much about this morning and my precious time with my daughter.  My thoughts turned the the simple tender moments in life and how it is in these moments that we have the greatest joy in our lives.  Our lives are spent racing against deadlines, running to appointments and working long hours just to survive.   We fill up the little precious time that is remaining plugged into ipods, social media, television and what I call NOISE.  We are barraged by distractions and interruptions in our day to day lives.  Some is placed upon us by work, some by ourselves and some by other people.  Many of us chase dreams in the search for the ever elusive joy and happiness that is our deepest desire to feel.

I asked myself what other simple joys in life can bring such happiness and peace that I felt this morning playing with my daughter,  For me, it can be a time with my dear children, a quiet hike in the mountains, the fall colors, the peaceful breeze the ocean waves against a sandy shoreline, and many many more.

When I unplug from all the outside distractions and reflect upon what brings the greatest peace into my life, it’s simple.  The simple things.  It’s not the money, the career, the car, the house, social circles etc… It is my children and the quiet times with them as well as the simple things in nature.  The simple things in life bring the greatest opportunities for me to reconnect with myself, my family and my God, all things that in the end provide the joy in my life.  The truly deep joy and happiness that I seek, the kind that energizes my soul are all the simple things.

Today was a reminder to me of the simple things, taking time to unplug and focus, if even for a minute on the things that matter in life.  I am grateful that I have always been grounded enough to understand that my children truly bring me the joy and happiness that nothing else can.  They are and always will be a top priority, right next to my dear beloved wife.  These priorities prepared me the make the right decision this morning, a morning where I was filled with that immeasurable joy, the office could wait, my daughter couldn’t, and it was that choice the provided me the joy I would not have felt otherwise!

My Beloved Wife – A Miraculous Journey Together


If I had to live every pain, sorrow, anguish and heartache that I have ever experienced and walk through the depths of despair in this life as a requirement to meet my dear beloved wife, I would have gladly done so with rejoicing in my heart!

Many times in my life I have wondered why am I going through these heartaches and struggles.  My dreams and desires for my life have oftentimes been dashed upon the jagged rocks of the emotional cliffs I have been thrown over.  I have found myself in the depths of my sorrow crying out why me to my God as the heartaches nearly crushed my spirit and will to live.  I at times have felt the despair of a life that went completely contrary to the plans I had made for me.  I had always lived a clean life, free from the vices of men, I am a devoted husband and father. I had always helped and served my fellowman, I gave to the poor and needy.  I did everything I was taught to do yet my life was not where I had imagined it being.  I lived the “leave it to beaver” life with a polar opposite result.

Each day I would arise and go forth, working to build a better life for myself and my children.  I would shake off daily the self doubts and frustrations that would haunt me as a result of unbearable heartache and sadness.  As I did so I became stronger and prepared for the gift and blessing from my Father in Heaven that I had so pleaded with him for over the countless years.  Doors were opened that would allow this opportunity to take place.

Then one day nearly 3 years ago it all changed.  As I continued to press forward, believing that there were better things in my life than what I had heretofore experienced, I met my dear Karla.  Prayers were answered and blessings granted as the most amazing women entered my life.

Never in my life had I imagined, nor believed that a noble women of such grace and beauty existed.  I still to this day vividly recall the first time our eyes met, across that meeting where she had come to meet with me for the first time as a potential  business consultant for her shelter.  When our eyes met that first time, my soul exploded with the knowledge and joy that this woman was to play a significant role in my life.  Immediately all the pain of my past vanished, it was replaced with a certain knowledge that which I had earnestly prayed for was beginning to unfold around me.

I recall that time of wonder and excitement as the true realization of the blessings I had sought were at my doorstep.   My prayers had been answered.  Karla had been brought into my life through a very unique set of circumstances that led both of us to a point where we could meet.  I don’t question the miracle that I had been given at that time, for to do so would invalidate all the pain that I had experienced and the prayers that I had pleaded to have answered.

My Dear Beloved Karla is the sweetest most compassionate, loving and accepting individual that I have ever known, which says so much if you have ever met my mother!  Karla’s love for people is deeply evident by the long hours of service that she gives to those individuals seeking shelter, her family, neighbors, and friends.   Karla is the first person to be there when needed and the last one to leave.  There are many times, where due to the demands on this amazing woman that we don’t see each other until late at night as we are tiredly climbing into bed.  As she collapses into the pillows from exhaustion, I wrap my arms around her and thank my God that he led this remarkable woman to me.  There is never a day that goes by where I do not give thanks for this blessing.

Karla’s service to the rape recovery center, the domestic violence shelter, Centro De La Familia, the statewide coalition against domestic violence, her service as a board member for her daughters charter school, the community outreach centers she has created, and too many more to mention are unfathomable that one woman can accomplish all that she has.  The lives that she has impacted and helped will affect generations to come.  It is no wonder that she has been recognized as a top 30 women to watch in addition to the humanitarian of the year award she recently received. I have been blessed beyond measure with a woman of remarkable ability, grace strength and beauty.

I gladly accept every challenge in life that I have been given, without them they would never have led us to the same spot, where years of prayers could finally be answered.  My angel, my soul mate, my confidant, my best friend, Thank you for loving me and letting me be a part of your life.  I will love you through the eternities. The miracles that brought us together will keep us as we continue our miraculous journey together!