The problems with BYU Football will not be fixed by the firing of Ty Detmer

I have been a fan of BYU football since my childhood days.  From the glory days when BYU was the “Quarterback Factory” to the misery of Gary Crowton and the arrogance of Bronco Mendenhall.  I NEVER gave up on BYU and remained a loyal and steadfast fan.

Now we finish with the miserable year that was 2017.  Through all the ups and downs, injuries and mistakes on the field, I had hope.   I believed that as this coaching staff was finally able to coach their OWN recruits that this year would be an anomaly.  I had hope for the future of BYU Football and possibly the return to the program I enjoyed watching as a young man.  I remained a LOYAL and faithful fan through it all.

Now I sit here in shock and disbelief.  The team that I have remained loyal to since Lavell Retired, the team that I never gave up on, slapped the fans in the face and showed their true colors yesterday.  The firing of Ty Detmer as the Offensive Coordinator was a cowardly act by Kilani Sitake and Tom Holmoe!

How can BYU hope for loyalty from its fans when it has shown that Tom Holmoe and Kilani Sitake have no clue what loyalty is!

Ty Detmer is NOT the reason for the collapse this year at BYU, he is simply the scapegoat to prevent Kilani or Tom from taking the fall.

Ty Detmer never had a chance at BYU.  He was set up from the beginning to fail.  The ineptitude and their inability to assess the situation properly has destroyed any loyalty that could have been salvaged after an unsalvageable year.

This year the offense was riddled with injury after injury.  Injuries aside, these players that TY was held responsible were not his recruits but those of Bronco Mendhall whom was never any good at recruiting.  Ty was left with subpar athletes and riddled with injuries and a schedule created by Tom Holmoe!  Yet the blame falls on his shoulders instead of Tom Holmoe or Kilani Sitake?

I believe that TY would have resurrected this BYU offense from the disaster that he inherited had BYU been as loyal to him as the fans have been to BYU.  Ty was given two seasons to bring this offense back from the dead without ever coaching his own recruits.

Ty, there was no loyalty for everything you did for this school over the years!  The deck was stacked against you from the beginning and BYU failed you and all of its fans yesterday when they let you go.

If anyone should have lost their job it should have been Tom Holmoe.  BYU football has been declining since he became the Athletic Director.  If there was ever time for change at BYU, this is it.   The wrong man was let go for all the wrong reasons.

Good luck TY!  You most definitely deserve better