School Officials Bully, Harrass, Intimidate and Embarrass students over school lunch money


Humiliation, intimidation, and bullying at the hands of school officials at Uintah Elementary in Utah this week decidedly has me questioning what  other similar events are occurring.  We expect our children are treated with kindness love and respect by schools and their staff’s, and that they should feel safe and secure with those individuals meant to educate them.

How is it that 2 employees all of a sudden decide that past due accounts with extremely small balances should result in shaming, embarrassing, bullying, confusing, and intimidating children 10 and under?  To make matters worse, the meals that were taken from the children AFTER they had already been given them were then discarded into the trash!  Can someone?  anyone? explain the logic in this?

Apparently the district has a policy that prevents cafeteria employees from giving food to any student when that food has already been served to someone else.  District officials announced today that the cafeteria manager and a district employee whom was present at the time and overseeing this have been placed on a, get this, PAID administrative leave, while the district investigates.

  • The district is willing to pay employees who bullied, harassed, intimated and embarrassed children while they sit at home and not work because the child was a couple dollars short in their lunch account.
  • What was the district official overseeing this doing at the school if not of official district business?  What then is there to investigate?
  • The School is obviously insistent in following district policies in throwing out food that has already been served, why then are we to believe that this too wasn’t directed by the district?
  • If the food was to be wasted due to this policy of not serving food that has already been served to another student, why then were the students who did eat allowed to share with those that didn’t?
  • Why did the district wait to suspend these employees until after it went to media?  Apparently this has happened at this school before, the parents just stayed quiet the other times.

In my opinion, the School superintendent knew about this all along.  He and everyone associated with this mess, including the school principal and the teacher who is supposed to watch over these students and protect them should immediately be fired for creating a hostile learning environment where the children are subject to these bullying behaviors at the hands of those meant to protect and educate.

We can no longer sit quiet on issues such as this, the safety of our children require that we speak out.

additional links to this story: via @usatoday

TENDER MERCIES – A Fathers Heartache part 10


I have never seen my children on the first day of school.  I don’t know what that is like to see the excitement of the first day of school, their new teachers, classroom and friends.  Most often I am unable to find out how the first day of school went for almost a week, when they come to visit.  They aren’t allowed to phone, the only time I find out sooner are those occasions when I can get to the school for lunch with them.

I seldom get the opportunity to take my kids to school, maybe two or three times a year I get this treat to pray with them in the morning before school and wish them a good day as they head off to class.  Most people take these moments with their children granted as a regular occurrence, for me these are tender mercies and opportunities to experience a wonderful time with my children.

Today was such a rare wonderful opportunity to experience this moment in time with them.  This morning was extra special as I was able to wake them and get them ready for school, take them, pray with them and see them off. Today,  I got the extra special treat of picking them up from school on the same day.  Days like this are rare, I treasure them and realize the blessing that they are.  These moments with my children are what keep me pressing forward everyday.  I try not to focus on the issues my ex creates in her controlling nature and enjoy the moments that are mine.

My children attend a school with a year round track schedule and today was the first day back to school from being off track for the past 3 weeks.  With Veterans day this year falling as my holiday I was able to spend the weekend, an extra weekend with them and take them to school today.  As I watched their excitement and nervousness at going back to school after this break, I reflected upon this day and the similarities it must have to an actual first day of a new school year.

I have missed out on many opportunities, ones that I will never be able to get back with my children, today was a gift from God, an opportunity to experience ever so slightly something I have yearned to experience with my children for a lifetime.  Although today wasn’t an actual first day of school, I am grateful to have this opportunity to have as close to one as I have ever experienced.