Hidden Messages


Lately there seems to be a great deal of uproar over supposed hidden messages in movies.  The latest being Disney’s Frozen.  While I no doubt believe that the message that the writer intends will always be within the story.  It is after all, their work and it whatever message they are trying to send will undoubtedly be within the storyline.

However, I also firmly believe that we as the audience interpret whatever messages we encounter based upon our own beliefs, feelings and understanding.  Nearly every message delivered through artistic work of any kind can be interpreted multiple ways.  Many have cried foul over an “agenda” within the movie Frozen to promote the homosexual lifestyle while others have interpreted this movie about friendship, sisterhood, and discovering who they are.

I have read the scriptures many times throughout my life.  I can read the same verse multiple times and each time I read one that impacts me it can be for different reasons based upon what is happening in my life at that time.   We as human beings interpret the messages we read, see and hear based upon our own lives.  Two people can see the same movie, read the same book or listen to the same music and discover a uniquely different message for them.

We find the messages that we are looking for and need in our life. If we feel that a certain message in a family oriented movie is an attack on our personal beliefs then we also see those same things in other areas of our life.  If we experience a different message such as discovering who you are then something in your life is resonating with that message. 

Not all art is uplifting and some is designed to tear us down.  What I am referring to is that which carries multiple messages for many people.