Lifes Construction


We are each a work in progress.  Our futures are determined by the quality of the products with which we build our lives.  I see all to often the heartache that comes from allowing inferior building blocks to be used in the construction of our lives.  While this world spirals out of control with an eat drink and be merry attitude we are reaping the outcome of such behavior and the resulting inferior product which could be achieved.

This attitude creates a dynamic within ourselves that destroys our own futures as we fill our minds with a false methodology for happiness and success.  Success and happiness cannot be realized with this mantra.  Any structure built to last will have undoubtedly utilize the highest quality materials.  If we built structures with and eat drink and be merry attitude, the structures would fail as they would be rapidly built with sub par products and poor craftsmanship.  We are doing this to our own lives as we look no further to the future than today.

As we put into our lives, quality products from education, morals, character and discipline, with a focus on building something that will stand the test of time, we will surely find more happiness, peace and joy. The strength that comes from the quality we value in our lives will chase away the inferior design and building which society is currently prone to accept as the norm. 

More and more lives will continue to degenerate as we continue to use corrupt, weak and worthless materials to build our own futures.  Those whom survive and remain standing will either build originally with the aforementioned quality, or will undergo a total renovation, often painful, of their lives to replace the corrupt principles with ones we are each worthy to possess.

Clarity from Reflection


Reflections upon ones own past can provide clarity and direction that can be attained in no other way.  When we look upon where we have been, we can gain a greater perspective of where we are going. 

Do we allow our mistakes to interfere with our future? 

Do we allow our success to catapult us into greater success or does our success stifle us with contentment? 

Do our heartaches of the past prevent us from fully loving again? 

Do we take the love we have been given for granted or do we realize the blessing we have received in someones love for us?

And most importantly, do we recognize God’s blessings in our lives?

As we consider our New Years resolutions and the goals we will set for ourselves, may we also reflect upon our past to create a better future.