Free Speech…….Forced Silence


Arguably one of the most dangerous trends in our society is the relentless ongoing attack on and by businesses over personal and political beliefs.  We are attacking the very means that put food on our tables and a roof over our heads.

We have witnessed this with the small entrepreneur being sued for trying to exercise their personal and religious beliefs within their business dealings because they do not meet the lefts narrative.

Add now the hypocrisy of Nordstrom decision to cancel Ivanka Trump’s line from their stores, a clearly political motive on behalf of Nordstrom because they disagree with her Fathers politics.  Hypocrisy at its finest!

On the one hand, telling the small business that they will be sued if they don’t serve everyone regardless of religious belief,  while on the other hand supporting big business for ending a long term business relationship over political disagreement.

How do you force one and allow the other?

The stark reality that no one discusses is that the big business like Nordstroms actually silence their employees through their actions like this and have a far more damaging effect on free speech than the small baker who for religious reasons refuses to bake a cake.

When an employer makes a business decision to retaliate against another business for political purposes, do you really think any employee will speak up with a contrary opinion without fear of reprisal?  Employees will typically silently disagree without ever voicing opposition as a result of that fear.

The left is adamant about silencing and punishing anyone who disagrees with their views, there is no tolerance from them for opposing opinion and they are leading this country down a treacherous path.

Speaking against the lefts agenda always brings heated arguments. They will always attempt to intimidate anyone into silence instead of discussing the issues factually.

America as a whole needs to unite and come together on these basic issues or we will all pay dearly for our failure to oppose these attacks.

When anyone is silenced or punished by any means because of political disagreement, the day will surely come when everyone is silenced and punished.  There can be no other end, for history tells us it is so.


The deceit of Free Tuition, Free Healthcare…


Recently I spent time debating with a cousin regarding the free tuition being offered now in San Francisco.   I struggle with this concept just as many of our younger generations struggle to understand why this is not a good idea and the challenges it creates.

First of all NOTHING IS EVER FREE!  Someone has to pay for it.   Welfare isn’t free!  Healthcare certainly isn’t free! How in the world does anyone truly believe that tuition can be?

The issue is that the middle class are the ones that feel this pain and the burdensome yoke that this creates.  The youth clamor thinking this is such a fantastic idea, while the liberal elite sing it’s praises!  The wealthy find loopholes and the bottom gets things free with no way up from the bottom when they do.

Have you ever taken a moment to wonder why the wealthy in this country never complain about these policies that will supposedly increase their taxes?

When I asked my cousin about who was going to pay for this, he proudly proclaimed that the wealthy will pay it by increasing their property taxes on 5 million dollar and above homes!  For my cousin, free sounds like a great idea!  Make the rich pay for it!  They can afford it!

The problem is that no one ever talks about, especially the rich is that they will never feel the pain of increased taxes the way the middle class does.  Obamacare is perfect example of this failed logic!  The wealthy were never impacted by this policy, the middle class was slaughtered!  My premiums pre-Obamacare  vs current premiums for 2017 have risen nearly 80%

The other challenges are that food prices have climbed, eating out is more expensive, entertainment has risen and a myriad of other things.

The wealthy understand how money works!  This is why you never hear any complaints coming out of the financial elite on these policies and tax hikes.   They know that they will continue to thrive through multiple ways.

They will hire fewer employees to do the same amount of work.

They will increase the cost of goods to the consumer.

The poor, as well as the middle class will bear these burdens.  Not the wealthy.

Policies that offer free anything to the people widen the gap between the haves and the have nots.  This is why they support these options.   It keeps them in power and in an elite class.

Look at the minimum wage protests that have occurred.   Unemployment has skyrocketed in areas that have increased minimum wage beyond the federal minimum, fewer jobs are available as businesses have had to adjust and do more with less or simply close shop.

The mentality of “free” has poisoned our society, and primarily our youth!  They fail to grasp the cold hard reality that nothing is free, there is always a catch!  One day, they will be the ones caught in the net cast by those who promote these ideas with no way out of the freefall that will occur.

The Unintended Consequence of Choice


We have become a society where we are so quick to make decisions while at the same time failing to assess each situation that we fail to look at the unintended consequences of those decisions.

We complain when those decisions then go rogue and we are left wondering what happened.  We see this in every aspect of our culture, from politics to personal hygiene to education, etc..

Oftentimes we choose the easy and quick way out or the rash decision to do something that will impact our future.  We then blame others when these choices we make come back with the unintended consequences that we then must face.

We see this playing out in a big way in our senate right now.  When Harry Reid made the choice to amend the senate rules many cheered his decision.   Now when these same rules are being used on the other side, people are railing against the methods which the republicans are moving things forward.  The unintended consequences of a choice made years ago have now come full circle.   If you supported that decision then by Harry Reid, you have no room to complain today when the opposition uses that same rule.

We are quick to use student loans freely when we have no payments and the balances rise, we believe that it will never catch up to us, then when we are straddled with the extreme debt that prohibits us from buying a house, a car or any other thing else, we blame the system instead of looking at the unintended consequences of our prior choices.

When someone decides to engage in unprotected sex we complain about the pregnancy and race to get an abortion refusing to face our unintended consequences of sexual behavior.

We as a society have gotten to the point of blaming everyone else for the unintended consequences of our own personal choices.  We fail to properly assess any choice we make and then try to force others to take the responsibility for unintended consequences of our choices.

There is no personal responsibility left.  We have abdicated that to others and as such we have traded our freedom of choice for the pleasure of the moment.



Hiding Behind Smiles


Do you know what is hiding behind this smile that you see?

Do you know of the pain that I keep just to me?

The world sees me laugh and smiling each day

No one knows of my hidden anguish inside that’s at play

For the smile is a barrier to keep people out

It hides from the world all my pain and self doubt

So when someone you know is smiling at you

Remember their hidden pains are not getting through

For we all in this word carry heartache inside

And our heartaches and pains from the world we hide

The scars for most are hidden deep within

Understanding their pains, most can never begin

So be kind to all whom we meet everyday

For we know not their inside as their tender hearts pray

A kind word and gesture to a stranger today

Might be the answer for which they earnestly pray



To the “Not My President” Fools


“Not my President”

I seems that this particular phrase recycles every election cycle.   We saw it make the rounds on social media during both terms of President Obama and now with President Trump.

It’s ironic that the two opposing sides cannot find common ground to resolve issues, yet use the exact same words and phrase when they don’t get their way.  It’s like the spoiled little kid on the playground who stomps off when others choose a game that they didn’t.

Now you might wonder if I voted for President Trump.  The answer is NO I did not.  I worry about his temperament and do not support the vile divisive rhetoric of his campaign.

Yet, I did NOT vote for President Obama either.   I was deeply opposed to his policies and his agenda.

Yet, BOTH of these men were and are my President.

YES I vote!  I have never missed an opportunity to exercise my sacred God given right to vote, I take this very seriously and have voted in every election since 1988, the first time I could cast my vote.

You see, I have not given up my citizenship nor have I left this great land.  I take pride in who we are as a nation, I believe that we can heal and become better, and YES President Trump is my president because I am first an American citizen.   My political beliefs do not override this nor will they ever!

I laugh out loud with each new post on social media that claims “Not my President”  Did you abandon your citizenship?  Have you left the United States?  If so, then it really doesn’t matter, If not then you have abandoned your country.

Although I never voted for either President Obama or President Trump, I will NEVER claim that they are not my president for they are and were the President of the United States of America.  I may vehemently disagree with their agendas or policies, however I will never make such a foolish claim.  My love for America comes first and is far more powerful than my disdain for any leader.

If this is rhetoric that you stand by, imagine how foolish you really look.  I would bet that the very individuals that are now spewing this divisiveness and hatred on social media are the very ones that mocked the same fools when President Obama won the election, making you a hypocrite and a fool.


Your Son…..Is My Son’s BULLY



Your face is bright and beaming

As your son runs down the court

Your heart is pride fully beating

Your son is the star in every sport

The crowd chants him on to victory

They cheer him on and on

Your son he’s so magnificent

For in your eyes he does no wrong

Your son, he is no hero

When I see him it makes me sick

He is the Junior high school bully

He is nothing but a prick

Your son is MY SON”S bully

Terrorizing him each day

YOUR SON is MY SON’s bully

He is evil in every way

My son his grades now struggle

His personality has changed

My son now suffers from depression

Another trophy which your son has claimed

So cheer your son to victory

and think he is so cool

When in reality your sons a bully

And he’s made you such a fool

Your son and his bullying behavior

It happens EVERY DAY!

Now for my son’s life I am praying

For each and every day!


The collision of “when” and “If Only”



“If Only”  I could make just enough money to pay my rent I would be happy”

“If only” I could make $20.00 per hour I would be so happy”

“If only my wife would listen to me more and stop nagging”

If only……. How many times have we found ourselves asking this question in life?

One of the greatest lessons that I have ever learned in my life was to lose the desperation in my life and believe in myself, believe that I was worth more than the “If Only”

If only places self imposed limits upon ourselves, it sets the bar at the lowest we could possibly place it  in any aspect of our lives.

I remember building my first company, I would continually tell myself if I could only land one new client a week then I could really get this going… If only I could land one good client, business would get better.   I was seemingly desperate to have that “only if” happen.

As fate would have it, I received EXACTLY what I was asking for.  I began receiving the only if, which was the lowest bar I could set for myself.   Sales struggled, clients sensed the desperation that “only if” created.   Opportunity was being squandered.

Then one day it struck me like a lightning bolt.  If I believed that I was truly worth more than any only if could ever give me, then I should start acting and believing that I was more.

I stopped using only if in my life.   I started setting goals that made me believe that I was worth more.   As I hit one goal , I would raise that bar higher.  It was no longer only if, it was now “when”.

As I started to think in terms of “When” I achieve something instead of “only if” I could achieve something,  I became more powerful and in control of my own destiny.   No longer was I dependent upon what someone else thought of me, I was taking control and believing in the “when.”

“When” creates a certainty that something will happen while “only if” creates chance.  I started to take control that things will happen and took chance out of the equation.

“When” we believe in ourselves and our own abilities we create the opportunities we need to fundamentally change our lives, while thinking in terms of “only if” we create false dreams with no clear pathway to that success.

“When” is definitive and full of belief.  “Only if” is full of doubt and chance.