School Officials Bully, Harrass, Intimidate and Embarrass students over school lunch money


Humiliation, intimidation, and bullying at the hands of school officials at Uintah Elementary in Utah this week decidedly has me questioning what  other similar events are occurring.  We expect our children are treated with kindness love and respect by schools and their staff’s, and that they should feel safe and secure with those individuals meant to educate them.

How is it that 2 employees all of a sudden decide that past due accounts with extremely small balances should result in shaming, embarrassing, bullying, confusing, and intimidating children 10 and under?  To make matters worse, the meals that were taken from the children AFTER they had already been given them were then discarded into the trash!  Can someone?  anyone? explain the logic in this?

Apparently the district has a policy that prevents cafeteria employees from giving food to any student when that food has already been served to someone else.  District officials announced today that the cafeteria manager and a district employee whom was present at the time and overseeing this have been placed on a, get this, PAID administrative leave, while the district investigates.

  • The district is willing to pay employees who bullied, harassed, intimated and embarrassed children while they sit at home and not work because the child was a couple dollars short in their lunch account.
  • What was the district official overseeing this doing at the school if not of official district business?  What then is there to investigate?
  • The School is obviously insistent in following district policies in throwing out food that has already been served, why then are we to believe that this too wasn’t directed by the district?
  • If the food was to be wasted due to this policy of not serving food that has already been served to another student, why then were the students who did eat allowed to share with those that didn’t?
  • Why did the district wait to suspend these employees until after it went to media?  Apparently this has happened at this school before, the parents just stayed quiet the other times.

In my opinion, the School superintendent knew about this all along.  He and everyone associated with this mess, including the school principal and the teacher who is supposed to watch over these students and protect them should immediately be fired for creating a hostile learning environment where the children are subject to these bullying behaviors at the hands of those meant to protect and educate.

We can no longer sit quiet on issues such as this, the safety of our children require that we speak out.

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The Inequality of Equal Rights


Lately there has been much said regarding equality and equal rights.  The irony behind the arguments is those crying the loudest for equality in fact do not desire equality at all, they desire preferential treatment under the law.

As I have watched this debate continue on I am flabbergasted with the hypocrisy of those screaming the loudest.

  • The LGBT movement wants equal marriage rights under the law while denying others the right to exercise their personal religious beliefs that oppose such unions.  Business owners are being forced do perform services that are contrary to their own beliefs against gay marriage.  We trample on one set of beliefs in favor of another persons, this is being driven by those very individuals using the equal rights banner as their mantra.
  • The pro choice movement is nothing about choice, it is about murder.  Pro choice has nothing to do with civil liberties as they deny those very same rights to the child whose life they destroy.  The pro choice movement are also typically the ones who will use science to cry global warming yet deny the science regarding a human fetus.  This group also claims pro choice while eliminating a fathers right to choose.
  • The gun control group screams that for the safety of all they want to eliminate guns in our communities citing examples of gun violence conducted by criminals who already are under gun restrictions, yet refuse to recognize the plethora of examples of reduced crime and lives saved as a result of gun ownership.
  • Those who support redistribution of wealth and the welfare state to aid many who cannot or will not support themselves wish to deny the rights of those who work hard to excel and achieve.

The equal rights groups do not desire equal rights, they desire the right to control others and in effect create mass inequalities.

I believe that all individuals should be treated with respect, dignity and love.   I believe that charity that is forced is not charity but a tax.  I believe that an individuals right to happiness should be preserved but should not step upon another’s rights to their own beliefs.  I believe all should be served equally by the government and that the government should never coerce another to violate their own personal beliefs in doing so.

For equality to ever exist in our society, all persons rights and beliefs must be protected, not just those claiming equal rights.


Why are you Free?



Freedom…  For the 11% of us on this earth that live in a full democracy with freedoms,  why are you free?

Many of us would give the most standard of answers, which I fully support and believe, that we are free as a result of those before us whom have sacrificed, many giving the ultimate sacrifice to secure and protect our blessings of freedom. The sacrifice of many throughout history to pass along to their children and nations the ability to exercise individual rights free from tyranny and oppression.

When asked the question of “Why are you free?”, most of us immediately head down the above mentioned path. 

37% of the worlds population live under an authoritarian regime, 51% in flawed democracies or a hybrid of an authoritarian regime.

Why are you free?   Why are you one of the 11% in this world who enjoy true freedom?  What is your purpose and why are you one of the ones to enjoy this blessing of freedom?  What have you done to make a difference with that freedom that 89% of the worlds population only dream of?

What is your reason for being free?

Fascism in America and the intolerance of free speech


Fascism has come to America. The degradation of true tolerance and equality in the United States have taken us down a path where the freedoms of all Americans are being trampled.  The extreme intolerance of the far left have transformed them into the very group they originally despised and fought against as they have attempted to eradicate from our society the very equality and tolerance they claim to fight for and defend.  The lefts intolerance of the viewpoints of anyone who disagree with their view of the world and how it should be will erode all the progress any of us have made in true acceptance and tolerance of others.  The cry of tolerance and equality from the far left have nothing to do with either, for they neither tolerate those who disagree with them nor allow for equal treatment of anyone who disagrees.

The recent suspension of Phil Robertson for his personal opinion and belief regarding homosexuality is the prime example of this intolerance.  Phil Robertson made a personal statement as to his own personal beliefs that drew ire from the far left, yet it is the far left who is showing the intolerance here.  Society is expected to accept those who stand in support of the LGBT movement and allow them the ability to freely express their own opinons, yet they are trying to deny this same right of those who believe differently.  This is fascism plain and simple.  Do not fool yourselfs for it is a dangerous path we walk when we deny anyone the ability to agree or disagree with anothers opinion. 

We experienced a similar scenario with that of Chic Fil A’s Dan Cathy’s personal comments regarding the same issue.  Again, the far left immediately trounced demanding an apology and retraction.   They wanted an apology for anyone having a different opinion than that of their own.  This is neither tolerant nor equal, for when has the left ever been asked to apologize for their opinion on anything? nor should they need to!

Throughout our history, Americans have disagreed on many things and many outspoken voices have brought us at times closer to acceptance and tolerance of others.  While many have disagreed, they have been given a voice to express that disagreement.  The reprisal against anyone who thinks, believes, or speaks from differences of opinion will never bolster the oppositions argument.  It will however destroy the freedoms of us all.  We are walking a dangersously thin line when the intolerance on either side tramples on the right of others to believe differently.


We The People can make a difference – Pleasant Grove proves it!!


All too often I hear from friends and family of how one persons voice cannot make a difference, that the system is broken and the individual’s voice doesn’t matter.  I beg to differ, more now than at any time in our history the people have a voice, the problem is that your voice is not used or doesn’t translate into the polling locations for your vote and voices to be heard.  Too many people have become disenchanted with politics and have even given up voting, this appalls me!  I hear often from people I don’t like any of the candidates so why waste my time, they’re both idiots.  The problem here is they have given way to the vocal minority whom do speak out, “When you skip voting, its not rebellion, its surrender!”

This past November’s election I was thrilled when I learned from a friend who lives in this city,  what the citizens in Pleasant Grove, Utah did!  Fed up with the current mayor and having no enthusiasm for the individual who opposed him, they WROTE in who they wanted as Mayor and HE WON!  A write in candidate in 3 weeks garnered 54.89% of the vote in a 3 way race without his name appearing on the Ballot.  He beat the incumbent by a whopping 18.71 points!

When a community, city, state and nation’s citizens become fed up with the current system and when working together they can make a change regardless of the party system and the broken establishment.  Those who say that their voice do not matter are really telling you they are too lazy to do anything about it.  One voice can become two, then three and so on.  Another mayoral race in nearby South Jordan Utah separated the candidates by only 19 votes!  There were almost 10,000 votes in this city!  Your votes do matter, your voice must be heard and each of us can make a difference!!

KUDOS to the citizens of Pleasant Grove for taking action and taking back their city!



I have spent innumerable hours fighting for the ability to stay an active father in the lives of my children.  My ex wife has always believed that children are the property of the mother and as such they belong exclusively to her.  She treats them as property, to be used for her own purposes instead of human beings, little children.  This opinion of hers and many others,  has over the years necessitated my need to fight  to ensure that my children’s rights are not trampled, especially in relation to them having a relationship with both parents.

As a result of these behaviors I have been very vocal about my feelings with regards to the rights of children.   They are too often overlooked and discounted in the process of separation and divorce.  States such as Utah have a very antiquated idea in the  opinions of children and the rights of children in divorce.  The mother is granted custody 100% of the time in Utah unless otherwise contested by the father.  Even when custody is contested by the father, the mother still ends up with custody 85% of the time.  These statistics in the Utah courts only fuel the opinions and ideas that people such as my ex have towards their children.  The maximum parent time in Utah for non custodial parents allowed, unless otherwise agreed to by both parties is the non custodial parent receives one 4 1/2 hour visit per week and alternating weekends and holidays.  This results in a child spending a total of 120 total hours per month, with a minimum of 16 of those hours spent sleeping.  This is the equivalent of only 5 days a month.

Many  of the problems our youth face are a result of the father not being a significant enough role model in their lives, and fathers not being in the home with their children.

  • One in 3 children in the U.S. live in homes without a father.
  • Children in fatherless homes are 4 times more likely to live in poverty.
  • Youth in fatherless homes have a significantly higher incarceration rate.
  • Father involvement in school has a direct impact on their grades

We see continual benefits for our children when fathers can play an active role in the lives of their children.  Study after study supports this, yet we see the blatant disregard for this within the family court system.  Our laws and our societal opinions actually contradict the value of fathers in society.  Take for example the maximum visitation for primarily the father in a family friendly state like Utah.  The laws protect the mother while forcing distance between the children and their fathers.  Mothers can deny visitation to the father in Utah with no real consequences as the courts view them as the preferred parent as is evidence in the custody rulings.  When visitation is denied, the father is informed it is a civil matter and must go back into court to correct at their cost.  In court, the mother is told not to do it again and the process repeats itself.

On a national scale, abortion is considered the woman’s right to choose.  No thought is ever given to the rights of the child or the father in this matter, thus eliminating from society the role of a father and their importance.  We have in essence, in our society determined by our laws and our actions that fathers are of minimal importance.  We wonder why so many fathers end up moving on with life and leaving behind the children, yet we force a father to fight daily just to maintain the ability to be of significance in the child’s life.  Limited time with the children and countless obstacles to make visits possible are at times overwhelming and deeply discouraging.

We have proven that the role of the fathers is of utmost importance to the future and success of our children, yet pass laws that are counter to these studies.  After we have by our laws and legislation made the role of fathers insignificant, why would we then question why our children show aggressive tendencies and behavior?  Why they struggle in school?  why they commit crime at a higher rate? It is crazy to think that we can correct the problems without addressing the deeper causes behind why many fathers are absent.  They are absent not by choice, but by our laws that take no interest in preserving and protecting  their role as fathers.

Our children deserve BOTH parents equally in their lives.  Our future depends on it.






My wife and I love short weekend retreats.  Oftentimes we wake up in the morning and leave with no destination in place.  We have discovered many wonderful little roadside attractions over the last 4 years.  These wonderful trips have created amazing memories for us and opportunities to meet some wonderful individuals along the way.

This past Labor Day Weekend was one such trip.  My wife and I decided last minute to get away and go in a direction we had never gone together.  We headed for Wyoming and the Tetons.  We were excited for the much needed time together hiking and enjoying the mountains as we always do in a new and majestic setting.   We anxiously left home and headed for the Tetons, just us and our baby girl.

The trip took an unexpected turn as we neared our destination, we had arrived just outside of a little town called Afton, Wyoming about 80 miles from our destination when our Jeep overheated.  We sat on the side of the road as we waited for the engine to cool down then examined the hoses and radiator.  Strangely, nothing appeared to be broken so we filled the radiator up and head onward.  We overheated again, the sun had set and we were nearly 10 miles from Afton with our 8 month old daughter.

We sat on the side of the road for a few minutes as we contemplated our options.  We said a prayer for help and got out to look at the car again, wondering if we could fill up the radiator again to crawl into Afton.  As soon as we opened the hood,  a truck stopped by, this young man hops out and says “hi I’m Mike, can I help you?”  My wife and I quickly exchanged looks of relief and gratitude with one another as we graciously accepted Mikes help.

As we looked into the Jeep, we noticed that the pulley on the water pump had fallen off and water was coming out of it, we were not going anywhere!  Mike quickly pulled his truck around, hooked on a tow rope and pulled us into town and to a hotel parking lot.  This good Samaritan proceeded to walk into the lobby of the hotel with us to make certain there were sufficient rooms available,  After we checked in, Mike asked me for my cell phone number and told me that he would call me in the morning around 7 am to help us further.

Sure enough, the following morning Mike called as promised.  He told me on the phone that he would be there to pick me up in about 30 minutes.  Mike had made arrangements for the local auto parts store, which was closed due to the labor day holiday, to open up long enough for us to get a water pump to install.  Mikes friendship with the owner had made that possible.  After obtaining the necessary parts from an extremely kind and generous owner of the parts store, Mike and I headed to his office to verify the torque specifications for the water pump, then we headed to Mikes house to move some vehicles around out of the driveway so as to have access to his garage.

We then met my wife and daughter back at the hotel where we again placed a tow rope on the Jeep and towed it to Mikes home.  We proceeded to take out the old water pump and replace it.  Mike had to the necessary tools to make this happen.  We were unable to get the jeep into the garage, so we stood in the down pouring rain outside the garage as we replaced it, all the while Mike was urging me to stay in the garage to stay dry, I was unable to oblige that request as I was so humbled by this mans sacrifice and willingness to serve that I was going to be there assisting him on my car.

Graciously and humbly we thanked Mike for his extreme kindness, generosity and service to complete strangers.  Mikes example of service was truly an answer to our prayers the night before for help and assistance.  Mike sent me a text message hours later following up to make certain that my beloved wife had been able to see the Majestic Tetons for the first time.  He was more concerned about her and what she had hoped for on this trip than his time, inconvenience and rain as he helped us.  His unquestionable desire to help others provided a much needed service that we were in need of.  My wife and I will forever be grateful for his service to us in our time of need.

Thank you Mike and may God bless you and your family!  You are a remarkable example and a fine young man!