The Positive Choice


Negativity is exponentially increasing month to month.  The media blasts negative news stories continually, while positive ones are given little attention.  It is reasonable to believe that we as humans respond quicker to the negative than the positive primarily due the fact that the impact a negative event in our life has upon us often requires our immediate attention.

Studies have shown that for children to be emotionally healthy, they need to have 5 positive comments for every negative one.  It takes this many positive comments to erase every negative comment we hear, this just keeps us even.

When we compare a child’s needs and what it truly takes to stay level with the ratio needed, it is logical to assume that much of the increased divisiveness and hatred within our communities is directly being fueled from the inadequate balance of newsfeeds that focus primarily on negative stories. Positive ones are rarely shared by our news outlets, and certainly are vastly outnumbered by negative ones.

It would seem then logical, that if we are failing in this ratio as we are and we are seeing an increase in riots, protests, anger and divisiveness that the opposite effect would be possible if we focused our stories on uplifting positive ones instead.

I wonder what effect upon our nation we could experience if we spent 30 days focusing on what’s good and right with each other and the positive stories within our communities and gave no time to negative ones.

What change would occur within each of us?  Would we be more agreeable with one another?  Would we be happier?  Would we serve one another more effectively and help those in need?

We have seen the results when so much time and effort is given to what is negative and wrong with everything in our world, nation, communities and lives.

We attract to our lives that which we focus upon.

It is time to shut off the news and share with one another good things for there are many amazing, wonderful and uplifting stories happening within each of our communities every single day.  Let’s share these stories and uplift one another, life is worth living and should be filled with happiness and joy, not misery and sorrow.


4 thoughts on “The Positive Choice

  1. That is an interestingly good point. Feed the POSITIVE and starve the negative. Sounds good to me. Maybe we should test it. Filling our world with positive and see if it catches on and spreads.


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