Free Speech…….Forced Silence


Arguably one of the most dangerous trends in our society is the relentless ongoing attack on and by businesses over personal and political beliefs.  We are attacking the very means that put food on our tables and a roof over our heads.

We have witnessed this with the small entrepreneur being sued for trying to exercise their personal and religious beliefs within their business dealings because they do not meet the lefts narrative.

Add now the hypocrisy of Nordstrom decision to cancel Ivanka Trump’s line from their stores, a clearly political motive on behalf of Nordstrom because they disagree with her Fathers politics.  Hypocrisy at its finest!

On the one hand, telling the small business that they will be sued if they don’t serve everyone regardless of religious belief,  while on the other hand supporting big business for ending a long term business relationship over political disagreement.

How do you force one and allow the other?

The stark reality that no one discusses is that the big business like Nordstroms actually silence their employees through their actions like this and have a far more damaging effect on free speech than the small baker who for religious reasons refuses to bake a cake.

When an employer makes a business decision to retaliate against another business for political purposes, do you really think any employee will speak up with a contrary opinion without fear of reprisal?  Employees will typically silently disagree without ever voicing opposition as a result of that fear.

The left is adamant about silencing and punishing anyone who disagrees with their views, there is no tolerance from them for opposing opinion and they are leading this country down a treacherous path.

Speaking against the lefts agenda always brings heated arguments. They will always attempt to intimidate anyone into silence instead of discussing the issues factually.

America as a whole needs to unite and come together on these basic issues or we will all pay dearly for our failure to oppose these attacks.

When anyone is silenced or punished by any means because of political disagreement, the day will surely come when everyone is silenced and punished.  There can be no other end, for history tells us it is so.

6 thoughts on “Free Speech…….Forced Silence

    • I respectfully disagree with your assessment on Nordstrom’s. The timing of their announcement is too coincidental and they only made the statement Regarding why they were pulling her line after it became a media spectacle. It’s sad the big business has created an environment in this country where you cannot trust their motives for their statements


      • If you go online, there’s a bunch of articles including one by Business Insider about the retailers who have dropped her line which now include: Neiman Marcus, ShopStyle, and a few others. Everything I’ve read points to people boycotting the stores, so that’s basically why I’m saying it’s more about capitalism on the stores part, than politics. BTW, I also meant to say I agree in part what you’ve said here about free speech. In the last week there have been two instances that I believe aptly speak to what you said. There’s what happened at Berkeley with Milo. I personally despise him, but he has every right to say what he wants as long as he’s not directly threatening anyone. And then there was Senator Elizabeth Warren who was wrongfully censored by her Republican colleagues. The irony here is that in both instances both Milo and Senator Warren’s status among their supporters have soared. People will never learn.😕


  1. Wonderful article!
    I wholeheartedly agree.
    Opinions and emotions are now facts and facts are dismissed.
    The best example of distorted truth and judging without any basis is the labelling of Milo as a Nazi. A white supremacist.

    First off, Milo is a Jewish male. One that identifies as having homosexual attraction. Quite opposite of a Nazi.
    And if anyone has heard him speak, white supremacy and nationalism are what states over and over as Wrong and useless.

    And even individuals who are neither left nor right wing are not able to speak!

    We need to take a breath and a step back and remember our most basic right. Freedom of Speech.
    And let us respect one another as citizens of our great Nation.


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