The deceit of Free Tuition, Free Healthcare…


Recently I spent time debating with a cousin regarding the free tuition being offered now in San Francisco.   I struggle with this concept just as many of our younger generations struggle to understand why this is not a good idea and the challenges it creates.

First of all NOTHING IS EVER FREE!  Someone has to pay for it.   Welfare isn’t free!  Healthcare certainly isn’t free! How in the world does anyone truly believe that tuition can be?

The issue is that the middle class are the ones that feel this pain and the burdensome yoke that this creates.  The youth clamor thinking this is such a fantastic idea, while the liberal elite sing it’s praises!  The wealthy find loopholes and the bottom gets things free with no way up from the bottom when they do.

Have you ever taken a moment to wonder why the wealthy in this country never complain about these policies that will supposedly increase their taxes?

When I asked my cousin about who was going to pay for this, he proudly proclaimed that the wealthy will pay it by increasing their property taxes on 5 million dollar and above homes!  For my cousin, free sounds like a great idea!  Make the rich pay for it!  They can afford it!

The problem is that no one ever talks about, especially the rich is that they will never feel the pain of increased taxes the way the middle class does.  Obamacare is perfect example of this failed logic!  The wealthy were never impacted by this policy, the middle class was slaughtered!  My premiums pre-Obamacare  vs current premiums for 2017 have risen nearly 80%

The other challenges are that food prices have climbed, eating out is more expensive, entertainment has risen and a myriad of other things.

The wealthy understand how money works!  This is why you never hear any complaints coming out of the financial elite on these policies and tax hikes.   They know that they will continue to thrive through multiple ways.

They will hire fewer employees to do the same amount of work.

They will increase the cost of goods to the consumer.

The poor, as well as the middle class will bear these burdens.  Not the wealthy.

Policies that offer free anything to the people widen the gap between the haves and the have nots.  This is why they support these options.   It keeps them in power and in an elite class.

Look at the minimum wage protests that have occurred.   Unemployment has skyrocketed in areas that have increased minimum wage beyond the federal minimum, fewer jobs are available as businesses have had to adjust and do more with less or simply close shop.

The mentality of “free” has poisoned our society, and primarily our youth!  They fail to grasp the cold hard reality that nothing is free, there is always a catch!  One day, they will be the ones caught in the net cast by those who promote these ideas with no way out of the freefall that will occur.

10 thoughts on “The deceit of Free Tuition, Free Healthcare…

  1. Forgive me, but you pay taxes, don’t you? If all free things stop coming from the government, you will still continue to pay taxes, won’t you?
    Then I have to ask the question, isn’t it simply a case of re-prioritising where those taxes are spent?
    Tax is part of an unspoken covenant between the people in a society and those they elect to govern them. The people have to receive something of value in return for that convenant. Why should multinational corporations be able to lobby government for all sorts of benefits whilst the common man continues tightening his belt and being a good, independent little individual?
    Why should the common man be expected to provide everything for him or herself while corporations get handouts in one form or another?
    Giving back to the people has not destroyed any Western democracy, but keep them sick and ignorant has.
    As for free education, who do you think will come up with the innovations that will /keep/ the US a wealthy country? Those young people are your future. Deny them a decent, affordable education at your peril because their work doesn’t come free either.


    • I would agree with you on the whole, the problem here is that this has NOTHING to do with reprioritizing and everything to do with NEW taxes. The middle class can no longer bear this ungodly burden that has been placed on them. These new taxes trickle down to the middle class. If you want to increase ingenuity, get rid of the burden on the small business owners and allow them to grow, they will hire new people and develop new ideas! Adding additional taxes in the name of providing anything “free” will always be counterproductive and defeat any possible gains made, the poor and middle class will always lose this battle. Reduce taxes and you will improve the lives of everyone!


      • We’re not as far apart as I first thought. I agree completely that it’s small business that should be supported by government [and OUR taxes]. Big Business has taken its business offshore so the trickle down effect – if there really is one – is going to underdeveloped countries. Unlike Trump though, I know full well you can’t turn back the clock. You can’t make multinational corporations come back to create jobs when doing so will eat into their profit margins. Which is why small business should be getting all the love. Instead, your government, and mine, continues to coddle big business while chanting the mantra about how big business creates jobs. It doesn’t, or at least not enough to justify its privileged status.
        True Capitalism can only work in an environment of competition. Small businesses compete, corporations buy each other out and establish quasi monopolies…
        Grrr…apologies. Back to taxes. Our universal healthcare costs us one point something percent on top of normal taxation. But that money provides a safety net for every single Australian. It means we can all go to the doctor when we’re sick. It also means that we have choices when it comes to hospitals. Medicare – our version of your Obamacare – is something we all rely on, and the current government almost lost the last election amid fears that it was thinking of scrapping Medicare.
        Anyway, our system is not your system so I shouldn’t compare, but the US is the only developed country that doesn’t look after its people. Please believe me, it can be done without sending the country bankrupt or turning it into a ‘nanny’ state.


  2. Apparently, in countries where college is free, there happens to be some facts that those who are pushing for free college don’t want you to know. Good grades in high school determine whether you are allowed in or not. So though college is free, spots are very limited, and only the very brite need apply. Twice as many Americans go to college or secondary school as those in countries with free college. Free college means college for the elite; that is, for those who are super smart, and then the rest are put into a lottery. If your name gets pulled, you are a lucky one. If not, so sorry, try again next year. Everything comes at a cost.


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