The Unintended Consequence of Choice


We have become a society where we are so quick to make decisions while at the same time failing to assess each situation that we fail to look at the unintended consequences of those decisions.

We complain when those decisions then go rogue and we are left wondering what happened.  We see this in every aspect of our culture, from politics to personal hygiene to education, etc..

Oftentimes we choose the easy and quick way out or the rash decision to do something that will impact our future.  We then blame others when these choices we make come back with the unintended consequences that we then must face.

We see this playing out in a big way in our senate right now.  When Harry Reid made the choice to amend the senate rules many cheered his decision.   Now when these same rules are being used on the other side, people are railing against the methods which the republicans are moving things forward.  The unintended consequences of a choice made years ago have now come full circle.   If you supported that decision then by Harry Reid, you have no room to complain today when the opposition uses that same rule.

We are quick to use student loans freely when we have no payments and the balances rise, we believe that it will never catch up to us, then when we are straddled with the extreme debt that prohibits us from buying a house, a car or any other thing else, we blame the system instead of looking at the unintended consequences of our prior choices.

When someone decides to engage in unprotected sex we complain about the pregnancy and race to get an abortion refusing to face our unintended consequences of sexual behavior.

We as a society have gotten to the point of blaming everyone else for the unintended consequences of our own personal choices.  We fail to properly assess any choice we make and then try to force others to take the responsibility for unintended consequences of our choices.

There is no personal responsibility left.  We have abdicated that to others and as such we have traded our freedom of choice for the pleasure of the moment.



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