To the “Not My President” Fools


“Not my President”

I seems that this particular phrase recycles every election cycle.   We saw it make the rounds on social media during both terms of President Obama and now with President Trump.

It’s ironic that the two opposing sides cannot find common ground to resolve issues, yet use the exact same words and phrase when they don’t get their way.  It’s like the spoiled little kid on the playground who stomps off when others choose a game that they didn’t.

Now you might wonder if I voted for President Trump.  The answer is NO I did not.  I worry about his temperament and do not support the vile divisive rhetoric of his campaign.

Yet, I did NOT vote for President Obama either.   I was deeply opposed to his policies and his agenda.

Yet, BOTH of these men were and are my President.

YES I vote!  I have never missed an opportunity to exercise my sacred God given right to vote, I take this very seriously and have voted in every election since 1988, the first time I could cast my vote.

You see, I have not given up my citizenship nor have I left this great land.  I take pride in who we are as a nation, I believe that we can heal and become better, and YES President Trump is my president because I am first an American citizen.   My political beliefs do not override this nor will they ever!

I laugh out loud with each new post on social media that claims “Not my President”  Did you abandon your citizenship?  Have you left the United States?  If so, then it really doesn’t matter, If not then you have abandoned your country.

Although I never voted for either President Obama or President Trump, I will NEVER claim that they are not my president for they are and were the President of the United States of America.  I may vehemently disagree with their agendas or policies, however I will never make such a foolish claim.  My love for America comes first and is far more powerful than my disdain for any leader.

If this is rhetoric that you stand by, imagine how foolish you really look.  I would bet that the very individuals that are now spewing this divisiveness and hatred on social media are the very ones that mocked the same fools when President Obama won the election, making you a hypocrite and a fool.


2 thoughts on “To the “Not My President” Fools

  1. I’m afraid a lot of people don’t want to accept a man as their president who would compare this country to the likes of a mad dog such as Putin, stating we are killers, no better them the Kremlin. Quoting a highly regarded retired general, just today he made the most unamerican statement ever made by a POTUS…not my president.


  2. I understand you may disagree with his statements much as I do however claiming he is not your president is foregoing your citizenship here in this country. Many of our presidents have made very foolish comments in the past. Regardless of political party stand up and do something about it instead of saying not my president because you’re abandoning your own power by doing that


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