Your Son…..Is My Son’s BULLY



Your face is bright and beaming

As your son runs down the court

Your heart is pride fully beating

Your son is the star in every sport

The crowd chants him on to victory

They cheer him on and on

Your son he’s so magnificent

For in your eyes he does no wrong

Your son, he is no hero

When I see him it makes me sick

He is the Junior high school bully

He is nothing but a prick

Your son is MY SON”S bully

Terrorizing him each day

YOUR SON is MY SON’s bully

He is evil in every way

My son his grades now struggle

His personality has changed

My son now suffers from depression

Another trophy which your son has claimed

So cheer your son to victory

and think he is so cool

When in reality your sons a bully

And he’s made you such a fool

Your son and his bullying behavior

It happens EVERY DAY!

Now for my son’s life I am praying

For each and every day!


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