The Abuse of Power Pendulum



Lately we have experienced a significant swing in the political spectrum.   We have gone from the hard left to the hard right.  The pendulum effect.

When the left was in control, the rabid followers of the democratic party cheered Obama on as he continually abused his power, cheering his executive orders and the power grab in the executive office.  Cheering abounded as the constitutional rights of those who thought differently were trampled upon.  The right wing cried foul and did everything in their power to reign in this usurped power grabbed by then President Obama.

Fast forward 8 years to the infancy of this new administration, the pendulum has swung far to the right and the same power grab is occurring, the extreme right cheers in a form a vindication for the past 8 years while the left comes unhinged for the same abuse of power they previously cheered under the Obama administration.

Abuse of power is exactly that, regardless whether you agree with the reason or not, it is still dangerous and divisive.  The hypocrisy in the United States has reached an all time high,  both the left and the right cheer on to victory when the abuse of office is in favor of their opinions and ideals yet come unhinged when that same abuse of power goes contrary to what they think or believe.

Cheering on any abuse of power will never lead to a better society for any of us.  We must stand against abuses of any sort, whether that abuse is something we think is a good idea or not, it must be done according to rule and order of law.  When we do not stand against abuses because we agree with it, we all lose as this pendulum will for certainty slam to the left again one day and those that are cheering the current abuses of power will undoubtedly be hysterical when that day happens.



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