Club Lacrosse’s Most Embarrassing Trend



Several years ago, lacrosse got the kind of unwanted publicity that would make a Kardashian cringe.

Deadspin published an alleged email exchange between a Virginia-based club coach and the parents of a player who was leaving for another club team. Their son, they explained, was “unhappy and very demotivated to play. We as a family think it is time we make a change.”

The club coach responded with venom, a terrifying glimpse of someone who truly believed he held the authority to mold this player’s future.

“I will speak to coach Bordley and college coaches immediately and make sure they know they are getting a quitter who is ungrateful and soft who can’t take criticism… You have no clue how this lacrosse world works. Wow. You have really screwed him.”

Just before a game between his club and the player’s new club, the coach sent one last email which included this bold statement: “Your former teammates and…

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