The Day Soon Cometh


We murder the innocent, the tender and pure

We believe that abortion is pregnancies cure

We walk past the homeless, the lonely and sad

Smug in our own little world we strut by angry and mad.

We elect as our leaders, the corrupt and untrue

We close a blind eye to all the destruction they do

We erase from our schools, any mention of God

While the whims of political correctness we uphold and applaud.

We curse our God daily through our words and our deeds

With no thought of his commandments do we ever give heed.

The haughty and proud we do worship and adore

While the thoughts of our maker are never in store

A bankrupt nation with no morals nor God

We wander in darkness, avoiding the rod

God’s judgments are coming, to humble us yet

Such pain and such suffering that we will never forget

For to humble his children, He’s made it quite clear

The time us upon us for unbelievers to fear.

We have abandoned and exiled the only true God,

Now is that time to lay hold of the rod.

painting by Erik Hollander

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