When Men Call Evil Good and Good Evil


We have become the generation warned of by Isaiah,

“Them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet bitter!”

Voices across our land joy in the name of equality as the removal of God from this land continues to fiercely overtake us.  The silence of the majority has allowed those with secret combinations and hidden agendas to change our views and that of the rising generations in what is determined to be good, and that which is evil.

The acceptance of the attacks on religious freedoms and particularly those who stand up for their beliefs have become commonplace as we watch sitting on the sidelines, refusing to demand protection of our religious freedoms, the left has sold the public on the argument that organized religion, particularly Christianity is outdated and oppressive of those who have embraced an alternative lifestyle, one that which is contradictory to religious doctrines.  The left has convinced the world that those which support these views are evil and living in the dark.

The reality is that the left has called religious people evil and dark for failing to embrace evil practices that have been given the spotlight in our media.   The continual praise and comments of courage, strength idol worship over Bruce Jenner’s abominable transformation to Caitlynn Jenner is the most recent example of the depraved society that has embraced and called evil for good.

The Prophet Isaiah warned us of this declaring “Woe unto them”  He is speaking to US!  OUR DAY!  NOW!  With a strong warning regarding what will come.

The word Woe means grievous distress; affliction or trouble. and an affliction.

As we silently sit on the sidelines watching, we are also by default accepting the degradation of our society and bringing upon us these distresses and afflictions warned of by a Prophet of God nearly 3000 years ago.

We have pushed God out of our country, out of our cities, out of our homes and our of our hearts.   Is there any wonder why so many are confused by the difference between “good and Evil”?

2 thoughts on “When Men Call Evil Good and Good Evil

  1. Interesting (and good) post. I challenge the idea that the ‘left’ is solely responsible for pushing God out of our lives. Idol worship, greed, corruption, among a long list of other evils, is just as prevalent (if not more so) in ‘right’ minded individuals/organizations.

    As upsetting and boring as the glorification of the Jenner gender change is, it is simply another distraction from far greater evils that are being kept out of the public eye for the benefit of the greedy and corrupt.

    I would argue that there is a very strong effort on the part of the ‘left’ to put a stop to the evil that the ‘right’ has propagated for far too long. Jenner is a distraction from the economic disparity that is destroying our people; a distraction from the destruction of our planet; a distraction from the racism that continues to destroy Black communities in America; a distraction from the greed and corruption that fuels war, death and ultimately suffering. All these things I believe God would take issue with, certainly considering that Love and Forgiveness are at the heart of Christianity.

    I guess my point is, why do we continue to allow ourselves to be divided, whether it be which political party one endorses, the colour of ones skin, which church, faith, or religion one follows. Life can be better than this for everyone. We would be wise to ignore the distractions and focus on fixing ourselves for the benefit of all.

    I encourage you to check out Chris Hedges TruthDig http://www.truthdig.com/tag/chris+hedges


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