The Hayride…. 40 years later



The other day during a moment of pondering I found myself reflecting back to my childhood when I was in the 1st grade.  Few memories in life have stayed with me like the one I found myself remembering, one I have relived many times.

It was a warm fall afternoon.  The leaves were changing color and falling from the trees.  I was an excited 1st grader who was about to embark upon his first field trip with my class.  We took with us our jackets, our  sack lunches and most importantly our excitement for the new adventure we were about to embark upon.  We headed off to a local and historic farm where we were able to see the animals, see how farms operated and of course the hay ride. 

The day started off just as planned.  We piled into the school bus and off we went.   After spending time…

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