The Precious Moments in Time.


This picture was taken last Sunday by my dear wife as I slowly walked home with my precious two year old by my side.   As I have looked at this picture numerous times over the past 5 days I can not help but express my deep and humble gratitude for a Father in Heaven who provides the greatest miracles in our lives when we need them the most.

Many who have followed this blog for any period of time has undoubtedly read some of the posts in “A Fathers Heartache”.  For more than a decade I have carried a tremendous heartache at the many missed memories and moments with my children.  While this amazing gift and blessing of my dear sweet Bella has eased this pain, nothing can replace what has been lost with my older children, moments such as these are all the more sweeter than anyone whom has never felt this heartache could relate.

These moments for me are precious and priceless.   This picture of me carrying her little backpack, walking slowly as her tiny legs tried to go as fast as she could are the epitome of these tender moments and mercies from a loving God who heard my cries over the years.

Whenever something in our lives is lost to us due to circumstances beyond our control, our Father in Heaven rewards us more than we deserve.  My dear sweet Bella encapsulates this as this precious tiny dear sweet spirit and daughter fills so many holes in my heart.   I am blessed to call her mine.

11 thoughts on “The Precious Moments in Time.

  1. An amazing thought! I too have missed these moments with the other children. They can never be found or relived, but God has given you precious Bella, I know you thank God for her. Every time you hold her pray over her. She will be one of God’s mighty warriors. Blessings to you and your family this Easter my friend!


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