ABORTION – The American Holocaust



The deliberate murder of innocent children otherwise known as ABORTION is the #1 leading cause of death in America.  There are 2.5 million other deaths per year and 1.21 million murders.  These murders are legal.  They are under the false pretense that it is a woman’s right to choose for her body.  There is no thought given to the child and and they, like in the times of slavery, are not considered human.   This is the AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.  A holocaust is defined as the great destruction or source of destruction of life.  This is what abortion is, the willful destruction of human life.

Science is crystal clear that at the moment of fertilization life begins.  There is an ideological argument that there must be some threshold crossed for life to begin, however the science proves otherwise.  This debate is simply a debate about responsibility.  Some will argue that the…

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6 thoughts on “ABORTION – The American Holocaust

  1. The evolution of humanity is bringing with it a devaluing of human life in general. That is a very deep rooted problem that God can reach. I heard one of the nieces of Dr. Martin Luther King speak at a Right to Life event a couple years ago, and mention another statistic about the primary locations of abortion clinics being in areas heavily populated by African Americans.


  2. While working at the Yuma Regional Medical Center there was a young woman who died in a car accident that did not even know she was pregnant. One of the women who worked in the morgue called me down and I held that tiny little child in the palm of my hand. It had little fingers and as I held it I knew that I had done the right thing by not aborting my rape baby. I wish that every woman who is instructed to have an abortion could just hold one of these tiny ones. I have held women and worked with them to recover after they learn that abortion really is murder. Bless their hearts, some had no clue. Thank you so much for speaking up on this. I added your blog to mine, and if I may, I would like post that link where ever I can, so others can see truth. Just wanted you to know this. Hugs from a distance.
    Thank you again for sending me that link. God bless those who put that together.


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