Why are you Free?




Freedom…  For the 11% of us on this earth that live in a full democracy with freedoms,  why are you free?

Many of us would give the most standard of answers, which I fully support and believe, that we are free as a result of those before us whom have sacrificed, many giving the ultimate sacrifice to secure and protect our blessings of freedom. The sacrifice of many throughout history to pass along to their children and nations the ability to exercise individual rights free from tyranny and oppression.

When asked the question of “Why are you free?”, most of us immediately head down the above mentioned path. 

37% of the worlds population live under an authoritarian regime, 51% in flawed democracies or a hybrid of an authoritarian regime.

Why are you free?   Why are you one of the 11% in this world who enjoy true freedom?  What is…

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