When Your Parents Divorce When You’re Just A Kid

Amazing insight into my own children that I have been searching. Powerfully written and incredibly poignant.

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Unsplash / Joshua EarleUnsplash / Joshua Earle

Divorce is one of those ubiquitous topics that we all seem to talk around, but never actually talk about. Maybe it’s because we’re normalized to it now. Or it’s so common that we don’t think it’s worthwhile to look into the implications a divorce has on the children that get caught in the crosshairs of it. Sure, as a kid, we get double birthdays and double holiday celebrations and double presents, but overall, I think it’s one of those things that we don’t realize affects us in real and insidious ways. I know it took me a long time to realize that some of my behaviors, emotional responses, and automatic beliefs were a byproduct of growing up in a broken household.

When your parents divorce when you’re just a kid, a few things happen to you: 1) you spend your life feeling unsettled; 2)…

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2 thoughts on “When Your Parents Divorce When You’re Just A Kid

  1. Some children of divorce find nothing but relief when their parents stop pretending and fighting…just for them, just to keep the family together. I’ve seen hundreds of divorces, and the effects range from relief to devastation. this was an interesting viewpoint, from one experience.


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