The Game; By Bridger, my 12 year old son



Many of you know that I encourage my children to write. I try to get them to write often. Many times it can be a struggle as they search for something to say. I suggested to Bridger, my twelve year old son to write about his basketball game yesterday. So he did, and he wanted to share this with the world!

The Game, by Bridger Isbell

Yesterday as Tim Allen, BYU’s basketball recruiter watched rising star, Bridger Isbell play he was in awe with several parts of his game.  Tim shared with us earlier what some of those parts were.

When we asked Tim about Bridger’s game, he responded.

“His effort, he plays every play like his last and gives his all the entire time he’s on the floor, both on offense and defense.”

We then asked him what stood out most about his offensive game, he responded. “His ability to create a shot.    He is the definition of in the gym range.  He was hitting shots from everywhere, 3 pointers, jumpers, floaters, you name it, he made it.”

When we asked about his defense he responded.

“He has an eye on when to jump the lane and pick the pocket of the point guard.”

When asked what he would rate yesterdays game, Tim simply said “a 10”  When pressed why a ten, he said “Look at the stats!   Bridger had quite the game; 15 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 blocks.  9 of his 15 points came from beyond the 3 point line.”

He showed an excellent outing, and with another game like that he will have a very bright future.


By Bridger Isbell

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