When our priorities in life colliding like opposing forces the results can be disastrous at the worst, disheartening at the least.  How do we manage them?  overcome them?  resolve them?  Most often these colliding priorities are mutually dependent one upon the other.

We each have our familial priorities, our professional priorities and our personal priorities.  These all intersect with each other in one way or another, a parent cannot keep food on the table and a roof over the head of their children without the means to do so, therefore our work and careers become ever more important as the priorities in our lives most often involve those we love the most,

When demands and pressures in our work become great, this places tremendous stress on our family and personal priorities, conversely when pressures in our home lives becomes great, this places stress on our work.  Finding balance between them is critical and key to our overall happiness and success.

Clearly defining what our TOP priority in life is helps create a map for us as we navigate the other areas of our lives and the demand that others can place upon us.  As we are true to our TOP priority, the decisions in the others becomes clear and more simple.  When we straddle the top spot with multiple demands, every aspect of our lives suffer.  With a clearly defined list of priorities, in proper order we gain confidence in our ability to control our own happiness and destiny.

We must also find the outlet that help us refocus and balance out the demands in our lives.  For me, that is my top priority, my family.


19 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I loved this post with your family outdoors enjoying their time together! The meaning of all the different choices is to put them into perspective and like you said, give the priorities (and time) to ones which are more important to you.


  2. Thanks! this a very good reminder now that it’s New Year 2015, to take care of myself other than taking care of others, especially our family. Sometimes all we need is a little break from being functional (that is doing our responsibilities), and just be carefree! replenish, rejuvenate, re energize… Give love, but save some for yourself. Because how can one give, if one doesn’t have it then…

    to quote, “We must also find the outlet that help us refocus and balance out the demands in our lives”.


  3. Loved the pic its a beautiful family. Well about post I would say if u don’t writwvur priorities in the diary of ur life then someone else will.and u have to obey their priorities. And I always prefer a well defined list of priorities in life .
    I learnt a good thing too from this post.
    Thanks n cheers


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