The Hidden Miracles of Coincidence


Do you believe in miracles?

Are you able to see them in your own life?

Or do you credit everything in your life to coincidence?

Coincidence is defined as  “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.”

Is this not what a miracle is?

Miracles happen every day of our lives.  Those who have eyes to see them can see them, those who do not falsely give credit to coincidence.   Many falsely believe that a miracle must be grandiose, large in scale and immediately recognizable.  Miracles are most often small and simple, the Lord uses small and simple events to provide the daily miracles in our lives that we are all entitled to.

Many years ago I began making a conscious decision to recognize the small wonderful miracles occurring each and everyday of my life.  Sometimes it was as simple as finding a few dollars when I desperately needed it, (not simple at the time) to making every light on the way to a new job interview.  I replaced my thoughts of thinking of them as coincidence and giving credit with gratitude and thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father.  This decision has been instrumentally powerful in my life as I am now more clearly prepared to recognize and receive miracles as they occur, and as I need them most.  I am able to ask for them with a knowledge and assurance that they will be granted in proper time.  I have seen it many times over in my life.

I do believe that in this decision of mine to give credit to my Father in Heaven for the miracles in my life, no matter how small they  might seem has allowed me to receive the much greater blessings and miracles that He truly desires to give us.  Our acts of gratitude and recognition of our Heavenly Father actually provides a greater increase in our lives, more than we can ever truly repay.

This past week in my life I was blessed to receive from my Father in Heaven, a grand miracle, one that truly impacts my life and my health.  The surgery that I had carried an extremely small chance of death, yet the outcome of my surgery held a higher chance of death, than the miracle I received.

Miracles continue to happen each day of our lives.  By recognizing the small, we can better prepare ourselves receive the big ones in our lives.  Give credit to our Father in Heaven and recognize his hand in all things and the world will open to you.

9 thoughts on “The Hidden Miracles of Coincidence

  1. I surely do believe in Miracles and Divine intervention, I have seen it first hand many times, not a night or morning goes by that I don’t thank God for watching over my wife and son and those around me.


  2. Great message! I too am often awe struck when our Lord aligns certain events just perfectly…. For they are indeed His miracles, not coincidence. And to experience the unfolding of it and being able to know such a blessing was delivered just for you at just the right time brings a feeling of overwhelming gratitude. God is good!

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  3. I too have witnessed the power of God’s many miracles in my life. It was so good to read of your successful operation, Our Father showers us with many blessings and as you rightly say, they are there in every day of our lives. It is up to us to look and recognise them, and indeed give thanks for them. He answered my prayers this week in the most amazing way, that I know He blessed me with His Grace.


  4. I certainly believe in miracles, but I was not aware we were entitled to them. Everything I have read in the Bible says that we deserve wrath, but believers were extended grace. It doesn’t change what we deserve, we are just given unmerited favor.


  5. Yeah I definitely believe in the very miracles that have great significance, most because they come in such small, and often unexpected packages. Like you said, those without eyes to see brush them off as coincidence.

    Thanks for this post.


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