You Just Broke Your Child. Congratulations.

This article brought tears to my eyes wondering what that poor boy must face daily.  As a father who deeply loves his children, I make mistakes along the way, yet I always try to build them up and give them the motivation and ability to excel in life.  As many who have followed my blog know, my biggest heartache in life is the limited time I get to spend with my children and how I try so hard to make each moment count.  I will never understand parents who can so cruelly destroy their children.   I would give anything to be granted the time with my children that these fools waste and squander.


You Just Broke Your Child. Congratulations..

21 thoughts on “You Just Broke Your Child. Congratulations.

  1. That was a powerful article, one in which every dad should read. Children need fathers who love them, teach them morals and values, and give them security. Most of all they need a father who leads by good example.


  2. In the positive way, I must tell you I am a child that came back from destruction. Physical, mental, and emotional abuse were so insidious that I didn’t realize they were there until I got away from it all. I realize today that he who did this to me, did it out of his own despair, loneliness, and hate (Father:


  3. I never understand when I hear of this treatment towards children by parents. I had a wonderful father, without his support every step of the way I would probably be a bit more “broken” in some ways. I lost him at a very young age, so I appreciate every moment we had as I was growing up. If I were to see such a scene, I think I’d either have to say something or leave.


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