Every single person is born with the exact same innate ability, none of us are exempt from this gift.  We are all given it in abundance and all parents especially reap the great benefits and rewards of this gift given at our birth.

The gift we are all given is that of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!  Children joyfully share this gift with all they come in contact with.  Even as small children, when nurtured, this gift grows abundantly and limitless, when not nurtured, this gift dies quickly.

A small child is able to do what few if any adults can do, they separate the deed from the doer.  If a child doesn’t like the meal prepared for them they will refuse to eat it, it does not impact their love for their mother or father preparing that meal.  A child does not base their love, nor withhold their love based upon a parents status, employment, education, wealth, physical appearance, nor any other reason.

A child simply loves, without conditions.

Sadly as we grow we lose this ability to love unconditionally.  We replace unconditional love with that of unconditional judgement.  We apply conditions to those we love based largely upon what we want them to be.  Many times as adults we stop loving another person because they will not be or do what we desire them to be.

This conditional love is in direct conflict and opposition to the true nature of love we are born with.

We can learn much from children, learning to love as a child loves will improve every relationship in our lives.

41 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. Very well said. And it is something I admire in my kids. Unfortunately, as you stated, it will change. I wonder if it is something we can work on… Do you think we could get it back? Really get it back?


  2. So true. I notice it in my kid brothers. I try to be the same, but as adults it’s too automatic to place conditions to try and protect ourselves from being hurt by giving our love to the wrong person. Eh…or so I think.


  3. Thank you so much for the follow JisBell, was trying to find an “About” page to read more about you. Alas I have not been able to stumble upon it. Hope to be seeing more of you and have a great weekend, MM 🍀


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  5. Very interesting perspective.. I guess I’ve never seen a child, or even ourselves in such light.. It indeed is very difficult to separate the deed from the doer.
    Thanks for such a great time.. 🙂


  6. This is a very nice read after a day of ups and downs with the elections and referendums close at mind.

    I reached a turning point recently. I’m realizing at a deeper level that the most unlovable people are those who need love most. I’m working on it.

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