The Service of an Open Door


Do you advocate for people?  Do you help others find success even when there is nothing for you to gain from helping?  How often do you open a door for someone just to open it?  Do you passively or actively look for ways to help someone?

Many people feel like they will help others, oftentimes they will provide acts of service that can help someone in a time of need. I question how many of us will truly open doors for the success of another.  We find great satisfaction in the moments of help and service, mowing lawns, helping someone move, feeding a family in a time of need, etc..

There is an old saying often attributed to Confucius that says,

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I would argue that the same concept holds true in helping others.  If we serve them in ways that will open doors and help create a successful future then we are performing a greater act of service than we could ever do by the traditional acts of service such as making a dinner for the sick.  While these acts are wonderful and oftentimes needed, how many of us can truly help change someones life through service?  How many of us confuse a random act of kindness for that of service?

We all know people, we can all open doors for others.  The only question that remains is are we willing?

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17 thoughts on “The Service of an Open Door

  1. Many acts of service can have a bigger impact on the recipient’s outlook when they aren’t expected. Think back on any neighborhood or city disaster you’ve endured, and how neighbors responded in ways uncharacteristic.
    Rebecca Solnit wrote: “it’s tempting to wonder why, if you fed your neighbors during the time of the earthquake and fire, you didn’t do so before or after.”
    So, let’s surprise someone with our random acts of service and truly make a difference.


  2. Acts of kindness should be natural acts. I believe being kind is the way, to always be and not an act. Some years ago I wrote about the dangers of smoking. This was after I was diagnosed with COPD. Today I have a new friend who quit smoke due to that essay I wrote. We never know how we affect people if behave and treat people with kindness. I walk with a cane but I give my seat up on the bus. My kindness is not an act in any way.


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