A Fathers Heartache, When others choices change the life we planned.



My experiences as a father have been much different than I ever thought that it would be.   I never fully understood the impact of others decisions and how those decisions would directly affect my opportunities with my children, nor how that would dictate the time I could spend being a dad.

As a young man I always knew that my children would be the center point and primary focus of my life.  I have always loved plaiying with kids.  I would look forward to the day when I could coach my kids in sports.  I knew that I would be there every step of their lives.  

When my children were born I would stay up to take care of them.   I would read to them every single night.  I couldn’t wait for morning to come so I could hold them.   Before I would leave for work I would hug them…

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8 thoughts on “A Fathers Heartache, When others choices change the life we planned.

  1. This really touched my heart. Of course, when our mates turn on us, it disrupts the life we have planned. Regardless of divorced or not, children did not ask for their fate. They are learning from us. I miss my children terribly when they are with the dad, and I pray that they feel loved and that they are being cared for. In my own childhood, my dad released my sister and me when they divorced. Our step dad was abusive, but honestly, my dad was an alcoholic at that time. Your children are blessed to have you…you are their rock…I felt that there was no one to turn to as a child. It’s a long story of healing. God bless💜

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