Don’t Talk to Strangers


As children we’re told “don’t talk to strangers”

Stay away from them for there is much danger

Then as we grow, we live by this rule

Not realizing as adults, it can be so cruel

Instilling fear in children, we never outgrow

Thus limiting the people we will ever get to know

then we fight this fear with each person we meet

talking to someone new can be a daunting feat

27 thoughts on “Don’t Talk to Strangers

    • Thank you! It is instilled in us from the day we are born and often many of us never get past that conditioning. Even strangers on the street many times are unable to make eye contact with strangers passing by.

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      • Yes, I have been thinking a lot about this post since I read it yesterday. My husband and I were even discussing about strangers last night so it was perfect to have read this post! It’s a strange world we live in. Thanks for posting… such an interesting thought! You are a wonderful writer!


  1. ‘And so after I talked to this stranger, I found my conscience proving to me that I was the stranger………………………..’

    Really there are no strangers, just people with whom we gave no chance

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  2. Someone famous once said ‘A stranger is a friend we just haven’t met yet.’ I like that. In these days of evil people with wicked intent, it is important that our children are cautious, but then again, if parents take responsibility not to let their children out alone then it isn’t such an issue is it?
    I’m British, and our family has never celebrated Halloween. It amazes me how many parents spend the year, saying ‘don’t talk to strangers’ and ‘never take sweets from a stranger’ but then on Oct 31st send their kids out to knock on stranger’s doors and take candy galore from them!

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  3. “stranger danger” — a myth of sexual violence as well as child abuse. It isolates as well as distracts us from the greater problem: abuse at the hands of the people we already know and love. Thanks.


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