Have I Lived?


Why are we here on this earth to live?
Is it to gain great riches? Or learn to give?
To lift anothers burdens, that they might be light?
Or to mock and make fun of anothers plight?
Each day we must ask, have I done any good?
Have I reached out to help all that I could?
Was I there for someone who needed a listening ear?
Was I there for my friends year after year?
The warmth of a smile, the caring of a friend.
Am I that someone whom people can depend?
The Lord taught us all how to truly give.
For this is the purpose of our lives to live.

20 thoughts on “Have I Lived?

  1. Beautiful post! I think we are here to learn and to teach others, the shared experiences of teaching and learning from everyone we meet, even if they only have lessons on how NOT to behave or believe… is crucial. Just as stagnant water becomes spoiled and affects all that comes in contact with it for the worse, so are human the same way. If they stagnate in one way of thinking without learning, growing and sharing, then they, too, become spoiled and stagnant, causing damage to all who come in contact with them. Thank you for teaching!


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