When we realize the power within ourselves to bring great people and blessings into our lives through the law of attraction we begin a journey towards realizing our full potential and bringing abut an incredible life. Our lives are a magnet with which we attract the very things into our lives that we focus upon. As we harness control of our thoughts and empower ourselves with the ability to focus on that which we desire we will be drawn like a magnet towards those desires.

Some will question immediately these statements without giving time to ponder the realities that are around them in regards to the fulfillment of this very analysis. Unfortunately many of our lives are filled with negative thoughts, people and energy. We focus upon that which we do not have instead of that which we do. We focus on problems instead of blessings. We spend our conversations on negative and depressing subjects instead of goodness and positive stories. Our news and media focus on the negative stories instead of the life changing and uplifting ones. Our movies are filled with violence, adultery, lust and deception. Depression is an epidemic and negativity abounds. The focus upon those issues attracts more of the same into our lives. Have you ever noticed that negative individuals tend to spread that negativity around and are often accompanied by others whom share that negativity?

Conversely, positive and uplifting individuals are magnets for like minded persons. Those people who focus on the good in life, their blessings, helping and lifting others and seeing the good in things are happier and always have the opportunities given to them. Doors are opened for these people. Its simple really why this happens, positive people attract others to them while negative ones repel them. The more people with whom you attract into your life, the greater the possibilities and the more doors that open. People enjoy associating with positive individuals, we all want to become like them as they reflect the happiness that is within them, happiness many seek to find.

If you want to see miraculous changes in your life, spend the next few months focusing on the positive and the many blessings in your life. Even the simple blessings will bring joy when we focus on what we have been given instead of what we want. Gratitude is fundamental to becoming the positive force in not only your life but in others as well. We will attract more positive people, energy and experiences into our lives as we focus upon the good in all things. Avoid negativity and negative people. See the positive in all things and you will find greater success in your life, both personal and professional. Focus on what you want to achieve, become and attain and you will find it as you eradicate the negative influences and attract the positive in all things into your life.

We are in control of our lives and success. No one else. It all stems from our choices, attitudes and gratitude. It’s a choice. Your choice. What will you choose? It’s your life, will you harness the power of the law of attraction and begin a miraculous journey towards your destiny?

“Our lives are what our thoughts make it” – Marcus Aurelius

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