A Prisoner By Choice?

This is an amazing article, full of truth and wisdom I highly recommend it

Light The Lie

Go with me for a moment to a place that will hurt. Think for just a moment about the person in your life that makes you cringe. The one you don’t want to think about. I’m sorry I’m making you go there right now, I understand it’s hard. What are you feeling right now? Hurt, broken, sorrow, pain, anger, confusion, hate? 


This person that hurt you, the one that never asked for forgiveness, continues to hurt you time and time again. Except, they only had to act it out one time. Maybe they aren’t even in your life anymore? Maybe you haven’t seen them in years? Why is it that the pain still feels so real? Why does it feel as if a knife is stabbing at your heart? 

This person gets to go about life and seem pretty well off. Maybe they are truly evil and have no remorse for…

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