Vile words

Roll off the tongue

Placing blame

For things that are done

The hateful words

You frequently say

Hurt our children

Every day

The hatred spewed

And directed at me

Haunt our children

And what they can be

For within their hearts

So pure and true

is part of me

And part of you

Each word spoken

and slip of the tongue

Damages our children

And cannot be undone

So hate me if you must

But speak only kind

For our children’s tender hearts

Are tied up in a bind

Each word destroys

A part of their soul

And hurts them more

Thank you can ever know

Each word spoken

in jest about me

Tells our children

What they can be

45 thoughts on “WORDS

  1. Beautifully stated and so well timed. There is so much hate in the world and people ranting and raving without thinking of the impact it has on the younger generations. The ONLY good thing is that some of those younger ones will see it for the hatefulness it is and decide that when they grow up they refuse to be that way themselves.

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    • It is sad and deeply disturbing. It goes with the selfishness in this world, others just don’t care about others anymore, including their own posterity. We can pray that the younger generations can do better than this one. Thank you for your comments

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  3. This hit home tonight. That lovely little “parenting plan” has orders for parents not to speak badly of the other in front of the kids, but no one is going to enforce it. Words are, indeed, very powerful-they form a child’s inner voice.


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  5. Wow, great, thank you. I can really relate to his. I guess foul words just indicate a lack of creativity and impulse. Lovely. Thank you.


  6. Hallo Jisbell der Herbst ist nun da die Blätter fallen von den Bäumen und wie schnell ist das Jahr vorbei drum sende ich dir liebe Grüße und einen schönen Mittwoch wünscht dir Klaus


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