A Utah Mother Blames the Airline for Hurricane Odile Stranding her Daughter!!! Are You Kidding Me???????

Mexico Hurricane Odil

A Utah mother whose daughter was stranded in Cabo as a result of hurricane Odile had the audacity to blame the airline that took her there?

KSL News radio  reported yesterday of a mother and her frustration at not hearing from her daughter who was in Cabo for a work related getaway.  This mother went on the find fault with the airline for taking her daughter there in the first place, she said that the airlines knew about the pending storm and should never have taken the passengers in the first place.


This is a perfect example of the insane opinions that everyone else is to blame for your misfortunes?  How about taking responsibility for your own choices and decisions?  It has become all to common and easy to blame others for our own stupid choices.


How is the the airlines fault?

Maybe it should be the engineers fault for designing the airplane that took her there?  Maybe the Airports fault who let the airplane leave in the first place?  Maybe it’s the birds fault who inspired the Wright brothers? Oh I know, it’s the refineries fault for making the fuel that the plane used to fly there??

What an absolutely absurd report by KSL to even include such nonsense in their so called reporting.

This woman should be checked for mental illness!

Why isn’t it her daughters fault for failing to check on the weather prior to her own travel?  The whole world knew this hurricane was approaching and where it would hit land.  Why isn’t it this mothers fault for letting her daughter go in the first place? (even though she is grown woman)

It’s easier to shift blame than to accept responsibility for our own actions,  Wake up!  We make our own choices and it is time to STOP blaming other people when we make stupid decisions!

Take ownership!

34 thoughts on “A Utah Mother Blames the Airline for Hurricane Odile Stranding her Daughter!!! Are You Kidding Me???????

  1. Hmmm! Shouldn’t it be Bush’s fault? He gets blamed for everything else. I don’t understand people like this. So her daughter got stranded — that happens sometimes! Her daughter survived a hurricane far from home — now she has a very interesting story to tell.

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  2. I think that Americans have forgotten how to take responsibility for their actions and choices. She might have been overwhelmed with worry and just speaking without thinking. People say the craziest things. Hugs, Barbara


  3. 🙂 This news made me laugh. How stupid can human mind’s stoop is a question to which I can never draw a line of gold standard as people never stop surprising with their peanut brains…Duh.. has the mother even forgotten that the job of the airlines ends with selling you a seat and transporting you to a certain destination. They are not obliged to give passengers anything else..not even a 100% gaurantee that the flight would land safe… 😛


  4. How could it possibly be their own fault? (sarcasm) It’s easier to blame someone else instead of accept their own irresponsibility. This is one of many reasons why society is going downhill so quickly.


  5. The Bible tells us to focus on the Lord… The apostle Paul writes this, in… Ephesians 4:29

    29 Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers. (NKJV)

    Blessings in Christ, bruce


  6. Ownership is probably the least favorite word in the English language for most Americans. Been so spoiled for so long any small problem becomes someone else’s responsibility. Oh well! It’s life.


  7. Sadly, this has become endemic of several cultures in the past generation. What ever happened to personal accountability? We cannot blame culture alone for the rise of the “blame game” though, parent’s are not instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability in their children as they grow up. Even many “grown” adults would rather blame others than act responsibly. After all, if they can sue McDonald’s for the coffee being too hot and get millions, why think or act responsibly?


    • Unfortunately you are so correct on this. I think a lot of it starts in school, when I was young my parents would get upset if I got out of hand in school or didn’t do well, now parents blame the school and the teachers. Accountability is no longer an attribute most people seek and our society is paying a dear price for the blaming culture we have seemed to embrace.

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      • I agree, blaming the teachers for the kids doing poorly is popular. My poor sons were unfortunate enough to get someone who believes that accountability is paramount and it was a big lesson in their lives. It may be why I get so many compliments on them, though. The sincerely do their best for themselves and others every chance they get. I am blessed with good grown men now who think before they act and take responsibility for their choices, good and bad.


      • Good for you! Your sons are definitely blessed to have you as a mother who taught them this principle. My parents instilled that on their 6 boys as well and we have all been successful in life and work as a result of their teachings. My poor children must deal with a father who requires them to be accountable while seeing their friends get the easy life of no accountability.

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  8. Yes you are right, that’s really crazy. I guess maybe when people are suffering and it’s nobody’s fault, they have to find someone to blame on just to feel better…I don’t know!


  9. Totally agree with you!! It’s like the lady that sured McDonald’s because she burnt herself with their coffee or the mother who sued Nabisco because her son ate a ton of cookies and got fat. People do need to take some responsibility. That woman is out of her mind.


  10. Reblogged this on Helping Hand – Life Coaching and commented:
    Could not have said this better myself. Many of the clients who come my way are stuck in this ‘need to blame someone else’ loop. The end result always being that they end up bitter, angry and stuck. Unable to make decisions for or about themselves. It is truly sad and unfortunately quite prolific.


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