Heartache and Sorrow – A Perfect Pair

Broken heart

Heartache and sorrow

a perfect pair

ones always close by

when the other ones there

strength they gain

when together they come

much of a life

can come undone

combating these two

a challenge for all

for their goal in life

is to make you fall

so surround yourself

with those who love

turn to him

who resides above

for love and joy

will conquer the pair

it lifts your heart

from the depths of despair

don’t be afraid to love

its the only cure

To own your heart

and happiness procure

image: imagesbuddy.com

18 thoughts on “Heartache and Sorrow – A Perfect Pair

  1. A heart lifted from despair and cast down by life’s callous hand will forever be marked by the pit into which it has been cast
    And only a fellow damned will ever understand how hard it is to remove betrayals poisons barbs
    But as ever, love is both the poison and the cure…

    PS: Great write, mucho like


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