The Creature, Chapter Four; By Bridger (My 12 year old son)


As they quickly made their way towards the exit they were suddenly stopped.

Freedom was only moments away and their way was blocked.

It wasn’t a door or rubble blocking their escape, it was giant creature, the Queen.

“hello Richard” she hissed,

“nice to see you again”

“I wish I could say the same” Richard replied

“Ha Ha, you always did have a sense of humor” the Queen responed.

“After all that’s what helped you get away last time,Ā Ā  I’m afraid it won’t be that easy this time”

With a flick of her wrist, she released 4 more creatures, blood thirsty hounds.

Richard wrapped his arms around his children as they cowered in the corner, unsure of their next move.

The three of them watched eyes wide, as the hounds slowly inched closer and closer…..


11 thoughts on “The Creature, Chapter Four; By Bridger (My 12 year old son)

      • Please do, encouragement (especially in the young) is vital. I was blessed with encouraging family when I started writing around the same age. I started writing fantasy stories around ten or eleven and now have a whole fantasy world mapped out with tons of material, some of which dates back to those childhood stories. Please tell him the same thing my father told me: NEVER throw anything out. I always suffered with a bad temper and if I didn’t like something I wrote I threw it out. Dad told me to put it in a drawer. Years later, I found it all and realized some was actually quite good and some just needed more attention. Some fuelled bits and pieces that have been published now and led to me finishing a novel. I wish your son every success. Best wishes from Baldy šŸ™‚

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