What if it Were Your Last Day?


If today were the last day of your life, what would you do differently?  Say Differently? 

Would you act differently?  Be more compassionate? understanding? loving? kind?

Who would you talk to?  what advice would you give? What would you tell them?

Where would you go? with whom?

Imagine if we all lived our lives as though it were our last day on earth.  How much kinder and  gentler this world could be for all if we took a moment to focus on the same important items each day as if it were our last.

How many relationships would be saved? Families united and friendships strengthened?

Would the words we speak to our spouse, our parents, our children, neighbors and friends be more gentle and loving?  Would we be more certain that we express our love for them?  Would our words match our actions?

Would we be more patient and understanding with one another?  Would our children feel our love, not just hear the words?

Life is precious, life is short.  No one knows when their last day will be so we take for granted that there is always tomorrow to do what we should be doing today.  What if today is your last day?  Would those left behind truly know how you felt?

We all know the risks, we are all willing to take them and live knowing that there is a tomorrow.  For some however, tomorrow never comes.


8 thoughts on “What if it Were Your Last Day?

  1. Very well said. It’s like you’re writing my thoughts. Death came knocking on a loved one’s door last year. Until then, I never fully realized just how short life truly is. It can be over in a literal heartbeat, and therefore we should never take even one moment for granted.


  2. Beautiful, thought-provoking post. I think it would be really hard to live each day as if it were the last, but I can only hope that if tomorrow doesn’t come for me, at least I would have left some fond memories of me.


    • Thank you. I too think it would be difficult to live each day that way. I hope that I can live more days that way than I don’t. The memories we leave behind are the most important things we can leave our loved ones.

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  3. Thank you for your inspiring words and questions.
    I recently went to a gathering called a Death Cafe. In Salon-style, we spoke openly about questions such as these. One hospice worker who attended shared that many people near to death wonder the same thing. What might they have done differently? What might they still do? Nearly universally, most let go of differences they suddenly see as minor. Most aspire to be able to clear the air of misunderstandings and deepen the connections.
    It can be so wonderful to do this clearing while we’re alive, so that we can live more fully and carry less regret.
    Let’s do it! And now, while the hour is still ours.


    • Very well said! It is amazing how many of us wait until it is too late to clear the air of the small stumbling blocks that prevent us from a fulfilling relationship with those near to us. Finally when staring mortality in the face we decide we should clear the air. What a sad tale. Thank you for sharing your comments


      • I’m reminded of a poem by Piet Hein:
        We should live each day as though
        it were our last day here below.
        But if I did alas I know,
        it would have killed me long ago.

        Taking that as more advice, I’m choosing to do the most loving and kind things first. I’ll wait until later to do the bucket list things like parachuting.



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