What is Your True Value?


What are you worth?  Your true value?  Your time?  Talents? 

How many people truly understand what they are worth?  The time we spend in our lives spending a dollar to save a penny.  One can never truly get ahead in life if they don’t have a firm conviction on that their time is worth.

What is work?  We trade our time, talents, and expertise for money, yet in our own personal lives we fail to realize that same value.   We are continually underselling ourselves, not only with our employers but our families as well. 

Oftentimes in our desperation we allow others to take advantage of us and this in turn continues to keep us down.  We never fully realize our potential and our true worth as we continually accept others choices for us. 

We accept what others are willing to give us as we have no real faith in our own value.

How can anyone else see our true value when we can’t see it ourselves?

What we believe about ourselves, others will see in us.

Last night I received a quote for some work that quite frankly appalled me.  Although the quote was INCREDIBLY beneficial in my favor, it was absolutely unfair to the individual whom would be performing the work.

How can I see value in myself that I fail to see in others?

My wife and I rejected this man’s offer and then offered nearly double the quote for the work.  This man nearly cried as someone finally saw his value that he was unable to see for himself.

We have the power within us to determine our own value.  Our value will also increase as we see in others what oftentimes they fail to see in themselves.

Will you lift or crush those with whom you encounter in life?  This determines the most important value we possess..

The value of our soul.


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